Alpine and Boreal heaths

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 4060)
Habitat type Not priority
Natura 2000 sites 871 are designated for this habitat type

Description (English)

Small, dwarf or prostrate shrub formations of the alpine and subalpine zones of the mountains of Eurasia dominated by ericaceous species, Dryas octopetala, dwarf junipers, brooms or greenweeds; Dryas heaths of the British Isles and Scandinavia.
The following subtypes are included:
Pal. 31.41 Alpide dwarf ericoid wind heaths. Loiseleurio-Vaccinion.
Very low, single-stratum, carpets of trailing azalea, Loiseleuria procumbens, prostrate Vaccinium spp. or other prostrate ericoid shrublets, accompanied by lichen, of high windswept, mostly snowfree, localities in the alpine belt of the high mountains of the Alpine system.
Pal. 31.42 Acidocline alpenrose heaths. Rhododendro-Vaccinion.
Rhododendron spp.-dominated heaths of acid podsols in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Dinarids, the Carpathians, the Balkan Range, the Pontic Range, the Caucasus and the Himalayan system, often with Vaccinium spp., sometimes with dwarf pines.
Pal. 31.43 Mountain dwarf juniper scrub. Juniperion nanae, Pino-Juniperion sabinae p., Pino-Cytision purgantis p.
Usually dense formations of prostrate junipers of the higher levels of southern Palaearctic mountains.
Pal. 31.44 High mountain Empetrum-Vaccinium heaths. Empetro-Vaccinietum uliginosi.
Dwarf heaths dominated by Empetrum hermaphroditum, Vaccinium uliginosum, with Arctostaphylos alpinus, Vaccinium myrtillus, Vaccinium vitis-idaea and lycopodes (Huperzia selago, Diphasiastrum alpinum), mosses (Barbilophozia lycopodioides, Hylocomium splendens, Pleurozium schreberi, Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus) and lichens (Cetraria islandica, Cladonia arbuscula, Cladonia rangiferina, Cladonia stellaris, Cladonia gracilis, Peltigera aphthosa) of the subalpine belt of the Alps, the Carpathians, the Pyrenees, the Central Massif, the Jura, the Northern Apennines, characteristic of relatively windswept, snow-free stations, in frost-exposure situations that are, however, less extreme than those prevailing where communities of Pal. 31.41 dominate. Unlike the formations of Pal. 31.41, those of Pal. 31.44 are clearly two-layered.
Pal. 31.45 Boreo-alpine heaths
Alpine heaths of the highlands and islands of Scotland, alpine and lowland boreal heaths of Iceland, alpine heaths of boreal mountains, in particular of the mountains of Scandinavia, of the Urals, of the mountains of Siberia, alpine heaths of Far Eastern mountains at, or just south of, the limits of the boreal zone, with Juniperus nana, Loiseleuria procumbens, Empetrum hermaphroditum, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Arctostaphylos alpinus and elements of Alpine flora.
31.46 Bruckenthalia heaths: only outside the European Union.)
31.47 Alpide bearberry heaths. Mugo-Rhodoretum hirsuti p., Juniperion nanae p., i.a.
Mats of Arctostaphylos uva-ursi or Arctostaphylos alpinus of the alpine, subalpine and locally, montane, belts of the Alps, the Pyrenees, the northern and central Apennines, the Dinarids, the Carpathians, the Balkan Range, the Rhodopides (south to the Slavianka-Orvilos, the Menikion, the Pangeon, the Falakron and the Rhodopi), the Moeso-Macedonian mountains (including Athos), the Pelagonides (south to the Greek Macedonian border ranges Tzena, Pinovon and Kajmakchalan) and Olympus, in the Thessalian mountains, mostly on calcareous substrates.
Pal. 31.48 Hairy alpenrose-erica heaths. Mugo-Rhodoretum hirsuti p.
Forest substitution heaths, treeline fringe formations and alpine heaths or mats of calcareous soils in the Alps and the Dinarides, with Rhododendron hirsutum, Rhododendron intermedium, Rhodothamnus chamaecistus and Erica herbacea, often accompanied by Clematis alpina, Daphne striata, Daphne mezereum, Globularia cordifolia, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi. Rhododendron hirsutum and, mostly in the Austrian Alps, Erica herbacea are the most frequent dominants; other shrubs can locally play that role. Arctostaphylos spp.-dominated facies have, however, been included in Pal. 31.47.
Pal. 31.49 Mountain avens mats
Dwarf heaths formed by mats of the woody Dryas octopetala in high Palaearctic mountains, in boreal regions and in isolated Atlantic coastal outposts.
Pal. 31.4A High mountain dwarf bilberry heaths
Vaccinium-dominated dwarf heaths of the subalpine belt of southern mountains, in particular, of the northern and central Apennines, the Balkan Range, the Helenides, the Pontic Range and the Caucasus, with Vaccinium myrtillus, Vaccinium uliginosum s.l., Vaccinium vitis-idaea and, locally, Empetrum nigrum. They are richer in grassland species than the communities of Pal. 31.44 and often take the appearance of alpine grassland with dwarf shrubs. Vaccinium myrtillus also plays a much more dominant role, in lieu of Vaccinium uliginosum and Empetrum hermaphroditum.
Pal. 31.4B High mountain greenweed heaths
Low Genista spp. or Chamaecytisus spp. heaths of the subalpine, low alpine or montane belts of high southern nemoral mountains, in particular of the southern Alps, the Apennines, the Dinarides, the southern Carpathians, the Balkan Range, the Moeso-Macedonian mountains, the Pelagonides, the northern Pindus, the Rhodopides, the Thessalian mountains.

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status

Species mentioned in habitat description

Conifers Juniperus communis
Conifers Juniperus nana
Ferns Diphasiastrum alpinum
Ferns Huperzia selago
Flowering Plants Arctostaphylos alpinus
Flowering Plants Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Flowering Plants Betula nana
Flowering Plants Cassiope tetragona
Flowering Plants Chamaecytisus eriocarpus
Flowering Plants Clematis alpina
Flowering Plants Cornus suecica
Flowering Plants Daphne mezereum
Flowering Plants Daphne striata
Flowering Plants Dryas octopetala
Flowering Plants Empetrum hermaphroditum
Flowering Plants Empetrum nigrum
Flowering Plants Erica herbacea
Flowering Plants Genista hassertiana
Flowering Plants Genista holopetala
Flowering Plants Genista radiata
Flowering Plants Globularia cordifolia
Flowering Plants Loiseleuria procumbens
Flowering Plants Phyllodoce caerulea
Flowering Plants Rhododendron ferrugineum
Flowering Plants Rhododendron hirsutum
Flowering Plants Rhodothamnus chamaecistus
Flowering Plants Vaccinium myrtillus
Flowering Plants Vaccinium uliginosum
Flowering Plants Vaccinium vitis-idaea
Fungi Cetraria islandica
Fungi Cladonia arbuscula
Fungi Cladonia gracilis
Fungi Cladonia rangiferina
Fungi Cladonia stellaris
Mosses & Liverworts Hylocomium splendens
Mosses & Liverworts Pleurozium schreberi
Mosses & Liverworts Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Juniperus communis Conifers
Juniperus nana Conifers
Diphasiastrum alpinum Ferns
Huperzia selago Ferns
Arctostaphylos alpinus Flowering Plants
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Flowering Plants
Betula nana Flowering Plants
Cassiope tetragona Flowering Plants
Chamaecytisus eriocarpus Flowering Plants
Clematis alpina Flowering Plants
Cornus suecica Flowering Plants
Daphne mezereum Flowering Plants
Daphne striata Flowering Plants
Dryas octopetala Flowering Plants
Empetrum hermaphroditum Flowering Plants
Empetrum nigrum Flowering Plants
Erica herbacea Flowering Plants
Genista hassertiana Flowering Plants
Genista holopetala Flowering Plants
Genista radiata Flowering Plants
Globularia cordifolia Flowering Plants
Loiseleuria procumbens Flowering Plants
Phyllodoce caerulea Flowering Plants
Rhododendron ferrugineum Flowering Plants
Rhododendron hirsutum Flowering Plants
Rhodothamnus chamaecistus Flowering Plants
Vaccinium myrtillus Flowering Plants
Vaccinium uliginosum Flowering Plants
Vaccinium vitis-idaea Flowering Plants
Cetraria islandica Fungi
Cladonia arbuscula Fungi
Cladonia gracilis Fungi
Cladonia rangiferina Fungi
Cladonia stellaris Fungi
Hylocomium splendens Mosses & Liverworts
Pleurozium schreberi Mosses & Liverworts
Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus Mosses & Liverworts

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
AT1203A00 Austria Ötscher - Dürrenstein Map
AT1212A00 Austria Nordöstliche Randalpen: Hohe Wand - Schneeberg - Rax Map
AT2101000 Austria Hohe Tauern, Kärnten I Map
AT2102000 Austria Nockberge Map
AT2105000 Austria Vellacher Kotschna Map
AT2106000 Austria Mussen Map
AT2108000 Austria Inneres Pöllatal Map
AT2109000 Austria Wolayersee und Umgebung Map
AT2112000 Austria Villacher Alpe (Dobratsch) Map
AT2129000 Austria Hohe Tauern, Kärnten II Map
AT2204000 Austria Steirisches Dachsteinplateau Map
AT2209000 Austria Niedere Tauern Map
AT2209002 Austria Patzenkar Map
AT2209003 Austria Hochlagen der südöstlichen Schladminger Tauern Map
AT2209004 Austria Hochlagen der östlichen Wölzer Tauern und Seckauer Alpen Map
AT2210000 Austria Ennstaler Alpen/Gesäuse Map
AT2215000 Austria Teile der Eisenerzer Alpen Map
AT2219000 Austria Teile des steirischen Nockgebietes Map
AT2220000 Austria Zirbitzkogel Map
AT2229000 Austria Teile des Steirischen Jogl- und Wechsellandes Map
AT2243000 Austria Totes Gebirge mit Altausseer See Map
AT3101000 Austria Dachstein Map
AT3111000 Austria Nationalpark Kalkalpen und Umgebung Map
AT3205021 Austria Obertauern-Hundsfeldmoor Map
AT3210001 Austria Hohe Tauern, Salzburg Map
AT3211012 Austria Kalkhochalpen, Salzburg Map
AT3213003 Austria Gerzkopf Map
AT3302000 Austria Vilsalpsee Map
AT3303000 Austria Valsertal Map
AT3304000 Austria Karwendel Map
AT3305000 Austria Ötztaler Alpen Map
AT3309000 Austria Tiroler Lech Map
AT3410000 Austria Gadental Map
AT3412000 Austria Verwall Map
AT3413000 Austria Wiegensee Map
AT3438000 Austria Ifen Map
BG0000113 Bulgaria Vitosha Map
BG0000167 Bulgaria Belasitsa Map
BG0000209 Bulgaria Pirin Map
BG0000211 Bulgaria Tvardishka planina Map
BG0000313 Bulgaria Ruy Map
BG0000366 Bulgaria Kresna - Ilindentsi Map
BG0000372 Bulgaria Tsigansko gradishte Map
BG0000399 Bulgaria Bulgarka Map
BG0000494 Bulgaria Tsentralen Balkan Map
BG0000495 Bulgaria Rila Map
BG0000496 Bulgaria Rilski manastir Map
BG0001011 Bulgaria Osogovska planina Map
BG0001017 Bulgaria Karvav kamak Map
BG0001021 Bulgaria Reka Mesta Map
BG0001028 Bulgaria Sreden Pirin - Alibotush Map
BG0001030 Bulgaria Rodopi - Zapadni Map
BG0001031 Bulgaria Rodopi - Sredni Map
BG0001040 Bulgaria Zapadna Stara planina i Predbalkan Map
BG0001043 Bulgaria Etropole - Baylovo Map
BG0001493 Bulgaria Tsentralen Balkan - bufer Map
CZ0524044 Czech Republic Krkonoše Map
CZ0530146 Czech Republic Králický Sněžník Map
CZ0714075 Czech Republic Keprník Map
CZ0714077 Czech Republic Praděd Map
DE6844373 Germany Großer und Kleiner Arber mit Arberseen Map
DE8239371 Germany Hochriesgebiet und Hangwälder im Aschauer Tal Map
DE8239372 Germany Geigelstein und Achentaldurchbruch Map
DE8241372 Germany Östliche Chiemgauer Alpen Map
DE8336371 Germany Mangfallgebirge Map
DE8342301 Germany Nationalpark Berchtesgaden Map
DE8343303 Germany Untersberg Map
DE8429303 Germany Kienberg mit Magerrasen im Tal der Steinacher Achen Map
DE8431371 Germany Ammergebirge Map
DE8433301 Germany Karwendel mit Isar Map
DE8433371 Germany Estergebirge Map
DE8526302 Germany Piesenkopfmoore Map
DE8527301 Germany Hörnergruppe Map
DE8528301 Germany Allgäuer Hochalpen Map
DE8532371 Germany Wettersteingebirge Map
DE8532471 Germany Naturschutzgebiet 'Schachen und Reintal' Map
DE8626301 Germany Hoher Ifen Map
DE8627301 Germany Engenkopfmoor Map
DE8627302 Germany Schlappolt Map
ES0000003 Spain Picos de Europa Map
ES0000018 Spain Prepirineu Central català Map
ES0000022 Spain Aigüestortes Map
ES0000035 Spain Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Map
ES0000054 Spain Somiedo Map
ES0000055 Spain Fuentes del Narcea y del Ibias Map
ES0000123 Spain Larra-Aztaparreta Map
ES0000126 Spain Roncesvalles-Selva de Irati Map
ES0000130 Spain Sierra de Arrigorrieta y Peña Ezkaurre Map
ES0000149 Spain POSETS - MALADETA Map
ES0000210 Spain Alto Sil Map
ES0000315 Spain Ubiña-La Mesa Map
ES0000374 Spain Ancares Map
ES0000437 Spain Pena Trevinca Map
ES0000466 Spain Penyagolosa (ZEPA) Map
ES0000483 Spain Ezkaurre-Arrigorrieta Map
ES1120001 Spain Ancares - Courel Map
ES1130002 Spain Macizo Central Map
ES1130003 Spain Bidueiral de Montederramo Map
ES1130007 Spain Pena Trevinca Map
ES1200001 Spain Picos de Europa (Asturias) Map
ES1200008 Spain Redes Map
ES1200009 Spain Ponga-Amieva Map
ES1200010 Spain Montovo-La Mesa Map
ES1200011 Spain Peña Ubiña Map
ES1200037 Spain Aller-Lena Map
ES1200046 Spain Valgrande Map
ES1200056 Spain Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña e Ibias Map
ES1300001 Spain Liébana Map
ES1300002 Spain Montaña oriental Map
ES1300021 Spain Valles altos del Nansa y Saja y Alto Campoo Map
ES2110018 Spain Arabako hegoaldeko mendilerroak / Sierras meridionales de Álava Map
ES2110024 Spain Valderejo-Sobrón-Árcenako mendilerroa / Valderejo-Sobrón-Sierra de Árcena Map
ES2120002 Spain Aizkorri-Aratz Map
ES2120011 Spain Aralar Map
ES2200021 Spain Urbasa y Andia Map
ES2200029 Spain Sierra de Codés Map
ES2410001 Spain LOS VALLES - SUR Map
ES2410003 Spain LOS VALLES Map
ES2410010 Spain MONTE PACINO Map
ES2410046 Spain RÍO ÉSERA Map
ES2430028 Spain MONCAYO Map
ES4110002 Spain Sierra de Gredos Map
ES4110034 Spain Sierra de la Paramera y Serrota Map
ES4110115 Spain Valle del Tiétar Map
ES4120088 Spain Montes de Valnera Map
ES4120092 Spain Sierra de la Demanda Map
ES4130003 Spain Picos de Europa en Castilla y León Map
ES4130010 Spain Sierra de los Ancares Map
ES4130035 Spain Valle de San Emiliano Map
ES4130037 Spain Hoces de Vegacervera Map
ES4130050 Spain Montaña Central de León Map
ES4130117 Spain Montes Aquilanos y Sierra de Teleno Map
ES4130149 Spain Omaña Map
ES4140011 Spain Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre-Montaña Palentina Map
ES4150101 Spain Candelario Map
ES4160019 Spain Sierra de Ayllón Map
ES4160109 Spain Sierra de Guadarrama Map
ES4170054 Spain Oncala-Valtajeros Map
ES4170116 Spain Sierras de Urbión y Cebollera Map
ES4170119 Spain Sierra del Moncayo Map
ES4190105 Spain Lago de Sanabria y alrededores Map
ES4190110 Spain Sierra de la Cabrera Map
ES4230014 Spain Serranía de Cuenca Map
ES4230015 Spain Sierra del Santerón Map
ES4240016 Spain Alto Tajo Map
ES4240020 Spain Montes de Picaza Map
ES4240022 Spain Sabinares rastreros de Alustante - Tordesilos Map
ES5110001 Spain Massís del Montseny Map
ES5120002 Spain Capçaleres del Ter i del Freser Map
ES5120003 Spain Serra Cavallera Map
ES5120026 Spain Tossa Plana de Lles-Puigpedrós Map
ES5130003 Spain Alt Pallars Map
ES5130004 Spain Baish Aran Map
ES5130005 Spain Era Artiga de Lin - Eth Portilhon Map
ES5130010 Spain Serra de Boumort-Collegats Map
ES5130011 Spain Riu de la Llosa Map
ES5130012 Spain Vall Alta de Serradell-Serra de Sant Gervàs Map
ES5223004 Spain Penyagolosa Map
ES5223005 Spain Alt Palància Map
ES5233006 Spain Puebla de San Miguel Map
ES5233008 Spain Sabinar de Alpuente Map
ES6110003 Spain Sierra Maria - Los Vélez Map
ES6140001 Spain Sierra de Baza Map
ES6140003 Spain Sierra de Huétor Map
ES6140004 Spain Sierra Nevada Map
ES6140006 Spain Sierra de Arana Map
ES6140009 Spain Sierra Nevada Noroeste Map
ES6160007 Spain Sierra Mágina Map
ES6170006 Spain Sierra de Las Nieves Map
FI1101601 Finland Valtavaara - Pyhävaara Map
FI1101611 Finland Iivaara - Jousivaara Map
FI1103828 Finland Syöte Map
FI1300101 Finland Pallas-Ounastunturi Map
FI1300102 Finland MALLA Map
FI1300118 Finland TARVANTOVAARA Map
FI1300204 Finland Vätsärin erämaa Map
FI1300601 Finland PULJUN ERÄMAA Map
FI1300618 Finland Ylläs-Aakenus Map
FI1300619 Finland KUMPUTUNTURI Map
FI1300901 Finland Pyhätunturi Map
FI1301401 Finland Värriö Map
FI1301402 Finland Tuntsan erämaa Map
FI1301409 Finland AATSINKI-ONKAMO Map
FI1301502 Finland MALTIO Map
FI1301511 Finland Joutsitunturi-Koukkutunturi Map
FI1301712 Finland POMOKAIRA Map
FI1301713 Finland Luosto Map
FI1301716 Finland KOITELAINEN Map
FI1302001 Finland Kevo Map
FI1302003 Finland Paistunturin erämaa Map
FI1302004 Finland PULMANKIJÄRVI Map
FI1302010 Finland Luomusjoen kuolpuna Map
FR4100203 France Chaumes du Hohneck, Kastelberg, Rainkopf, et Charlemagne Map
FR4100204 France Secteur du Tanet Gazon du Faing Map
FR7200742 France Massif du Moulle de Jaout Map
FR7200743 France Massif du Ger et du Lurien Map
FR7200744 France Massif de Sesques et de l'Ossau Map
FR7200745 France Massif du Montagnon Map
FR7200746 France Massif de l'Anie et d'Espelunguère Map
FR7200747 France Massif du Layens Map
FR7200750 France Montagnes de la Haute Soule Map
FR7300821 France Vallée de l'Isard, mail de Bulard, pics de Maubermé, de Serre-Haute et du Crabère Map
FR7300822 France Vallée du Riberot et massif du Mont Valier Map
FR7300825 France Mont Ceint, mont Béas, tourbière de Bernadouze Map
FR7300827 France Vallée de l'Aston Map
FR7300831 France Quérigut, Laurenti, Rabassolles, Balbonne, la Bruyante, haute vallée de l'Oriège Map
FR7300880 France Haute vallée d'Oô Map
FR7300881 France Haute vallée de la Pique Map
FR7300883 France Haute vallée de la Garonne Map
FR7300884 France Zones rupestres xérothermiques du bassin de Marignac, Saint-Béat, pic du Gar, montagne de Rié Map
FR7300920 France Granquet-Pibeste et Soum d'Ech Map
FR7300921 France Gabizos (et vallée d'Arrens, versant sud-est du Gabizos) Map
FR7300922 France Gaves de Pau et de Cauterets (et gorge de Cauterets) Map
FR7300923 France Moun Né de Cauterets, pic de Cabaliros Map
FR7300924 France Péguère, Barbat, Cambalès Map
FR7300925 France Gaube, Vignemale Map
FR7300926 France Ossoue, Aspé, Cestrède Map
FR7300927 France Estaubé, Gavarnie, Troumouse et Barroude Map
FR7300928 France Pic Long Campbielh Map
FR7300929 France Néouvielle Map
FR7300930 France Barèges, Ayré, Piquette Map
FR7300931 France Lac Bleu Léviste Map
FR7300932 France Liset de Hount Blanque Map
FR7300934 France Rioumajou et Moudang Map
FR7300935 France Haut-Louron : Aygues Tortes, Caillauas, Gourgs Blancs, Gorges de Clarabide, pics des Pichadères et d'Estiouère, montagne de Tramadits Map
FR8201664 France Secteur des Sucs Map
FR8201670 France Cévennes ardèchoises Map
FR8201680 France Landes, pelouses, forêts et prairies humides de Lus-la-Croix-Haute Map
FR8201681 France Gervanne et rebord occidental du Vercors Map
FR8201682 France Rebord méridional du Vercors Map
FR8201686 France Pelouses, forêts et grottes du massif de Saoû Map
FR8201698 France Contamines Montjoie - Miage - Tré la Tête Map
FR8201699 France Aiguilles Rouges Map
FR8201700 France Haut Giffre Map
FR8201701 France Les Aravis Map
FR8201702 France Plateau de Beauregard Map
FR8201703 France Massif de la Tournette Map
FR8201704 France Les Frettes - Massif des Glières Map
FR8201705 France Massif du Bargy Map
FR8201706 France Roc d'Enfer Map
FR8201707 France Plateau de Loëx Map
FR8201708 France Mont de Grange Map
FR8201709 France Cornettes de Bise Map
FR8201733 France Cembraie, pelouses, lacs et tourbières de Belledonne, de Chamrousse au Grand Colon Map
FR8201735 France Landes, tourbières et habitats rocheux du Massif du Taillefer Map
FR8201736 France Marais à Laiche bicolore, prairies de fauche et habitats rocheux du Vallon du Ferrand et du Plateau d'Emparis Map
FR8201738 France Plaine de Bourg d'Oisans et ses versants Map
FR8201740 France Hauts de Chartreuse Map
FR8201741 France Ubacs du Charmant Som et gorges du Guiers Mort Map
FR8201744 France Hauts plateaux et contreforts du Vercors oriental Map
FR8201745 France Pelouses, forêts remarquables et habitats rocheux du Plateau du Sornin Map
FR8201747 France Massif de l'Obiou et gorges de la Souloise Map
FR8201751 France Massif de la Muzelle Map
FR8201753 France Forêts, landes et prairies de fauche des versants du Col d'Ornon Map
FR8201756 France Parties sommitales du Forez et hautes chaumes Map
FR8201774 France Tourbière des Creusates Map
FR8201777 France Adrets de Tarentaise Map
FR8201778 France Landes, prairies et habitats rocheux du massif du mont Thabor Map
FR8201779 France Formations forestières et herbacées des Alpes internes Map
FR8201781 France Réseau de zones humides et alluviales des Hurtières Map
FR8201782 France Perron des Encombres Map
FR8201783 France Massif de la Vanoise Map
FR8202002 France Partie orientale du Massif des Bauges Map
FR8202003 France Massif de la Lauzière Map
FR8202004 France Mont Colombier Map
FR8301042 France Monts-Dore Map
FR8301055 France Massif cantalien Map
FR8301076 France Mézenc Map
FR9101361 France Mont Lozère Map
FR9101468 France Bassin du Rebenty Map
FR9101470 France Haute Vallée de l'Aude et Bassin de l'Aiguette Map
FR9101471 France Capcir, Carlit et Campcardos Map
FR9101472 France Massif du Puigmal Map
FR9101473 France Massif de Madres-Coronat Map
FR9101475 France Massif du Canigou Map
FR9102010 France Sites à chiroptères des Pyrénées orientales Map
FR9301497 France Plateau d'Emparis - Goleon Map
FR9301498 France Combeynot - Lautaret - Ecrins Map
FR9301499 France Clarée Map
FR9301502 France Steppique Durancien et Queyrassin Map
FR9301503 France Rochebrune - Izoard - Vallée de la Cerveyrette Map
FR9301504 France Haut Guil - Mont Viso - Val Preveyre Map
FR9301505 France Vallon des Bans - Vallée du Fournel Map
FR9301506 France Valgaudemar Map
FR9301509 France Piolit - Pic de Chabrières Map
FR9301511 France Dévoluy - Durbon - Charance - Champsaur Map
FR9301514 France Ceüse - montagne d'Aujour - Pic de Crigne - montagne de Saint-Genis Map
FR9301523 France Bois de Morgon - Forêt de Boscodon - Bragousse Map
FR9301524 France Haute Ubaye - Massif du Chambeyron Map
FR9301525 France Coste Plane - Champerous Map
FR9301526 France La Tour des Sagnes - Vallon des Terres Pleines - Orrenaye Map
FR9301529 France Dormillouse - Lavercq Map
FR9301530 France Cheval Blanc - Montagne de Boules - Barre des Dourbes Map
FR9301533 France L'Asse Map
FR9301535 France Montagne de Val-Haut - Clues de Barles - Clues de Verdaches Map
FR9301537 France Montagne de Lure Map
FR9301540 France Gorges de Trévans - Montdenier - Mourre de Chanier Map
FR9301545 France Venterol - Piégut - Grand Vallon Map
FR9301547 France Grand Coyer Map
FR9301549 France Entraunes Map
FR9301550 France Sites à chauves souris de la Haute Tinée Map
FR9301556 France Massif du Lauvet d'Ilonse et des Quatre Cantons - Dome de Barrot - Gorges du Cians Map
FR9301559 France Le Mercantour Map
FR9301560 France Mont Chajol Map
FR9301561 France Marguareis - La Brigue - Fontan - Saorge Map
FR9301580 France Mont Ventoux Map
FR9301616 France Grand canyon du Verdon - plateau de la Palud Map
FR9400579 France Monte d'Oro / Vizzavona Map
FR9400583 France Forêt de l'Ospedale Map
GR1240002 Greece ORI TZENA Map
GR1250001 Greece OROS OLYMPOS Map
GR1340003 Greece ORI VARNOUNTA Map
HR2000447 Croatia Nacionalni park Risnjak Map
HR2000605 Croatia Nacionalni park Sjeverni Velebit Map
HR2000643 Croatia Obruč Map
HR2000645 Croatia Bjelolasica Map
HR2001058 Croatia Lička Plješivica Map
HR2001299 Croatia Bijele i Samarske stijene Map
HR5000022 Croatia Park prirode Velebit Map
HR5000028 Croatia Dinara Map
HR5000030 Croatia Biokovo Map
IE0000020 Ireland Black Head-Poulsallagh Complex SAC Map
IE0000054 Ireland Moneen Mountain SAC Map
IE0000093 Ireland Caha Mountains SAC Map
IE0000111 Ireland Aran Island (Donegal) Cliffs SAC Map
IE0000189 Ireland Slieve League SAC Map
IE0000190 Ireland Slieve Tooey/Tormore Island/Loughros Beg Bay SAC Map
IE0000194 Ireland Tranarossan and Melmore Lough SAC Map
IE0000197 Ireland West of Ardara/Maas Road SAC Map
IE0000213 Ireland Inishmore Island SAC Map
IE0000242 Ireland Castletaylor Complex SAC Map
IE0000330 Ireland Tully Mountain SAC Map
IE0000365 Ireland Killarney National Park, Macgillycuddy's Reeks and Caragh River Catchment SAC Map
IE0000375 Ireland Mount Brandon SAC Map
IE0000453 Ireland Carlingford Mountain SAC Map
IE0000485 Ireland Corraun Plateau SAC Map
IE0000534 Ireland Owenduff/Nephin Complex SAC Map
IE0000584 Ireland Cuilcagh - Anierin Uplands SAC Map
IE0000606 Ireland Lough Fingall Complex SAC Map
IE0000623 Ireland Ben Bulben, Gleniff and Glenade Complex SAC Map
IE0000646 Ireland Galtee Mountains SAC Map
IE0001141 Ireland Gweedore Bay and Islands SAC Map
IE0001179 Ireland Muckish Mountain SAC Map
IE0001403 Ireland Arroo Mountain SAC Map
IE0001501 Ireland Erris Head SAC Map
IE0001513 Ireland Keel Machair/Menaun Cliffs SAC Map
IE0001926 Ireland East Burren Complex SAC Map
IE0001932 Ireland Mweelrea/Sheeffry/Erriff Complex SAC Map
IE0001952 Ireland Comeragh Mountains SAC Map
IE0001955 Ireland Croaghaun/Slievemore SAC Map
IE0002008 Ireland Maumturk Mountains SAC Map
IE0002031 Ireland The Twelve Bens/Garraun Complex SAC Map
IE0002047 Ireland Cloghernagore Bog and Glenveagh National Park SAC Map
IE0002122 Ireland Wicklow Mountains SAC Map
IE0002185 Ireland Slieve Mish Mountains SAC Map
IE0002244 Ireland Ardrahan Grassland SAC Map
IT1110006 Italy Orsiera Rocciavré Map
IT1110010 Italy Gran Bosco di Salbertrand Map
IT1110026 Italy Champlas - Colle Sestriere Map
IT1110029 Italy Pian della Mussa (Balme) Map
IT1110031 Italy Valle Thuras Map
IT1110032 Italy Pra - Barant Map
IT1110038 Italy Col Basset (Sestriere) Map
IT1110043 Italy Pendici del Monte Chaberton Map
IT1110044 Italy Bardonecchia - Val Fredda Map
IT1110053 Italy Valle della Ripa (Argentera) Map
IT1110058 Italy Cima Fournier e Lago Nero Map
IT1110080 Italy Val Troncea Map
IT1120006 Italy Val Mastallone Map
IT1120027 Italy Alta Valsesia e Valli Otro, Vogna, Gronda, Artogna e Sorba Map
IT1120028 Italy Alta Val Sesia Map
IT1130002 Italy Val Sessera Map
IT1140003 Italy Campello Monti Map
IT1140004 Italy Alta Val Formazza Map
IT1140011 Italy Val Grande Map
IT1140016 Italy Alpi Veglia e Devero - Monte Giove Map
IT1140018 Italy Alte Valli Anzasca, Antrona e Bognanco Map
IT1140019 Italy Monte Rosa Map
IT1140020 Italy Alta Val Strona e Val Segnara Map
IT1140021 Italy Val Formazza Map
IT1160021 Italy Gruppo del Tenibres Map
IT1160023 Italy Vallone di Orgials - Colle della Lombarda Map
IT1160024 Italy Colle e Lago della Maddalena, Val Puriac Map
IT1160040 Italy Stazioni di Euphorbia valliniana Map
IT1160056 Italy Alpi Marittime Map
IT1160057 Italy Alte Valli Pesio e Tanaro Map
IT1160058 Italy Gruppo del Monviso e Bosco dell'Alevè Map
IT1160062 Italy Alte Valli Stura e Maira Map
IT1180011 Italy Massiccio dell'Antola - Monte Carmo - Monte Legnà Map
IT1180025 Italy Dorsale Monte Ebro - Monte Chiappo Map
IT1201000 Italy Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso Map
IT1201010 Italy Ambienti calcarei d'alta quota della Valle di Rhêmes Map
IT1202000 Italy Parco naturale Mont Avic Map
IT1202020 Italy Mont Avic e Mont Emilius Map
IT1203020 Italy Lago di Lolair Map
IT1203070 Italy Mont Mars Map
IT1204010 Italy Ambienti Glaciali del Monte Bianco Map
IT1204030 Italy Val Ferret Map
IT1204032 Italy Talweg della Val Ferret Map
IT1204220 Italy Ambienti glaciali del Gruppo del Monte Rosa Map
IT1205000 Italy Ambienti d'alta quota delle Combe Thuilette e Sozin Map
IT1205010 Italy Ambienti d'alta quota della Valgrisenche Map
IT1205020 Italy Ambienti d'alta quota del Colle del Gran San Bernardo Map
IT1205030 Italy Pont D'ael Map
IT1205061 Italy Stazione di Astragalus alopecurus di Cogne Map
IT1205064 Italy Vallone del Grauson Map
IT1205065 Italy Vallone dell'Urtier Map
IT1205081 Italy Ambienti calcarei d'alta quota attorno al Lago Tsan Map
IT1205082 Italy Stagno di Lo Ditor Map
IT1205100 Italy Ambienti d'alta quota della Vallée de l'Alleigne Map
IT1313712 Italy Cima di Piano Cavallo - Bric Cornia Map
IT1313776 Italy Piancavallo Map
IT1314610 Italy Monte Saccarello - Monte Fronté Map
IT1314611 Italy Monte Gerbonte Map
IT1314677 Italy Saccarello - Garlenda Map
IT1314679 Italy Toraggio - Gerbonte Map
IT1315421 Italy Monte Toraggio - Monte Pietravecchia Map
IT1323112 Italy Monte Carmo - Monte Settepani Map
IT1323920 Italy Monte Galero Map
IT1330905 Italy Parco dell'Antola Map
IT1331104 Italy Parco dell'Aveto Map
IT2020009 Italy Valle del Dosso Map
IT2040001 Italy Val Viera e Cime di Fopel Map
IT2040002 Italy Motto di Livigno - Val Saliente Map
IT2040003 Italy Val Federia Map
IT2040004 Italy Valle Alpisella Map
IT2040005 Italy Valle della Forcola Map
IT2040006 Italy La Vallaccia - Pizzo Filone Map
IT2040007 Italy Passo e Monte di Foscagno Map
IT2040008 Italy Cime di Plator e Monte delle Scale Map
IT2040010 Italy Valle del Braulio - Cresta di Reit Map
IT2040011 Italy Monte Vago - Val di Campo - Val Nera Map
IT2040012 Italy Val Viola Bormina - Ghiacciaio di Cima dei Piazzi Map
IT2040013 Italy Val Zebrù - Gran Zebrù - Monte Confinale Map
IT2040014 Italy Valle e Ghiacciaio dei Forni - Val Cedec - Gran Zebrù - Cevedale Map
IT2040016 Italy Monte di Scerscen - Ghiacciai di Scerscen - Monte Motta Map
IT2040017 Italy Disgrazia - Sissone Map
IT2040019 Italy Bagni di Masino - Pizzo Badile Map
IT2040020 Italy Val di Mello - Piano di Preda Rossa Map
IT2040021 Italy Val di Togno - Pizzo Scalino Map
IT2040023 Italy Valle dei Ratti Map
IT2040024 Italy da Monte Belvedere a Vallorda Map
IT2040026 Italy Val Lesina Map
IT2040027 Italy Valle del Bitto di Gerola Map
IT2040028 Italy Valle del Bitto di Albaredo Map
IT2040029 Italy Val Tartano Map
IT2040030 Italy Val Madre Map
IT2040031 Italy Val Cervia Map
IT2040032 Italy Valle del Livrio Map
IT2040033 Italy Val Venina Map
IT2040034 Italy Valle d'Arigna e Ghiacciaio di Pizzo di Coca Map
IT2040035 Italy Val Bondone - Val Caronella Map
IT2040036 Italy Val Belviso Map
IT2040037 Italy Rifugio Falk Map
IT2040038 Italy Val Fontana Map
IT2040039 Italy Val Zerta Map
IT2040040 Italy Val Bodengo Map
IT2040044 Italy Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio Map
IT2040401 Italy Parco Regionale Orobie Valtellinesi Map
IT2040601 Italy Bagni di Masino - Pizzo Badile - Val di Mello - Val Torrone - Piano di Preda Rossa Map
IT2040602 Italy Valle dei Ratti - Cime di Gaiazzo Map
IT2060001 Italy Valtorta e Valmoresca Map
IT2060002 Italy Valle di Piazzatorre - Isola di Fondra Map
IT2060003 Italy Alta Val Brembana - Laghi Gemelli Map
IT2060004 Italy Alta Val di Scalve Map
IT2060005 Italy Val Sedornia - Val Zurio - Pizzo della Presolana Map
IT2060007 Italy Valle Asinina Map
IT2060008 Italy Valle Parina Map
IT2060009 Italy Val Nossana - Cima di Grem Map
IT2060301 Italy Monte Resegone Map
IT2060304 Italy Val di Scalve Map
IT2060401 Italy Parco Regionale Orobie Bergamasche Map
IT2060506 Italy Belviso Barbellino Map
IT2070002 Italy Monte Piccolo - Monte Colmo Map
IT2070003 Italy Val Rabbia e Val Galinera Map
IT2070004 Italy Monte Marser - Corni di Bos Map
IT2070005 Italy Pizzo Badile - Alta Val Zumella Map
IT2070007 Italy Vallone del Forcel Rosso Map
IT2070008 Italy Cresta Monte Colombé e Cima Barbignaga Map
IT2070009 Italy Versanti dell'Avio Map
IT2070010 Italy Piz Olda - Val Malga Map
IT2070017 Italy Valli di San Antonio Map
IT2070021 Italy Valvestino Map
IT2070022 Italy Corno della Marogna Map
IT2070302 Italy Val Caffaro Map
IT2070303 Italy Val Grigna Map
IT2070401 Italy Parco Naturale Adamello Map
IT2070402 Italy Alto Garda Bresciano Map
IT3110011 Italy Val di Fosse nel Parco Naturale Gruppo di Tessa Map
IT3110012 Italy Lacines - Catena del Monteneve nel Parco Naturale Gruppo di Tessa Map
IT3110015 Italy Biotopo Hühnerspiel Map
IT3110016 Italy Biotopo Wiesermoos Map
IT3110017 Italy Parco Naturale Vedrette di Ries - Aurina Map
IT3110026 Italy Valle di Funes - Sas De Putia - Rasciesa nel Parco Naturale Puez-Odle Map
IT3110027 Italy Gardena - Valle Lunga - Puez nel Parco Naturale Puez-Odle Map
IT3110029 Italy Parco Naturale dello Sciliar - Catinaccio Map
IT3110033 Italy Biotopo Buche di Ghiaccio Map
IT3110038 Italy Ultimo - Solda nel Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio Map
IT3110039 Italy Ortles - Monte Madaccio nel Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio Map
IT3110040 Italy Alpe di Cavallaccio nel Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio Map
IT3110049 Italy Parco Naturale Fanes - Senes - Braies Map
IT3110050 Italy Parco Naturale Tre Cime Map
IT3120001 Italy Alta Val di Rabbi Map
IT3120002 Italy Alta Val La Mare Map
IT3120003 Italy Alta Val del Monte Map
IT3120015 Italy Tre Cime Monte Bondone Map
IT3120021 Italy Lago delle Buse Map
IT3120023 Italy Sorte di Bellamonte Map
IT3120024 Italy Zona Umida Valfloriana Map
IT3120058 Italy Torbiere di Monte Sous Map
IT3120064 Italy Torbiera del Tonale Map
IT3120092 Italy Passo del Broccon Map
IT3120093 Italy Crinale Pichea - Rocchetta Map
IT3120094 Italy Alpe di Storo e Bondone Map
IT3120096 Italy Bocca di Caset Map
IT3120097 Italy Catena di Lagorai Map
IT3120098 Italy Monti Lessini Nord Map
IT3120099 Italy Piccole Dolomiti Map
IT3120100 Italy Pasubio Map
IT3120104 Italy Monte Baldo - Cima Valdritta Map
IT3120105 Italy Burrone di Ravina Map
IT3120106 Italy Nodo del Latemar Map
IT3120107 Italy Val Cadino Map
IT3120108 Italy Val San Nicolò Map
IT3120119 Italy Val Duron Map
IT3120126 Italy Val Noana Map
IT3120127 Italy Monti Tremalzo e Tombea Map
IT3120128 Italy Alta Val Stava Map
IT3120142 Italy Val Campelle Map
IT3120143 Italy Valle del Vanoi Map
IT3120144 Italy Valle del Verdes Map
IT3120157 Italy Stelvio Map
IT3120158 Italy Adamello Presanella Map
IT3120159 Italy Brenta Map
IT3120160 Italy Lagorai Map
IT3120165 Italy Vermiglio - Folgarida Map
IT3120166 Italy Re' di Castello - Breguzzo Map
IT3120167 Italy Torbiere alta Val Rendena Map
IT3120168 Italy Lagorai Orientale - Cima Bocche Map
IT3120169 Italy Torbiere del Lavaze' Map
IT3120170 Italy Monte Barco - Le Grave Map
IT3120171 Italy Muga Bianca - Pasubio Map
IT3120172 Italy Monti Lessini - Piccole Dolomiti Map
IT3120173 Italy Monte Baldo di Brentonico Map
IT3120174 Italy Monte Rema' - Clevet Map
IT3120175 Italy Adamello Map
IT3120176 Italy Monte Sadron Map
IT3120177 Italy Dolomiti di Brenta Map
IT3120178 Italy Pale di San Martino Map
IT3120179 Italy Val Jumela Map
IT3230003 Italy Gruppo del Sella Map
IT3230005 Italy Gruppo Marmolada Map
IT3230006 Italy Val Visdende - Monte Peralba - Quaterna' Map
IT3230017 Italy Monte Pelmo - Mondeval - Formin Map
IT3230035 Italy Valli del Cismon - Vanoi: Monte Coppolo Map
IT3230043 Italy Pale di San Martino: Focobon, Pape - San Lucano, Agner - Croda Granda Map
IT3230071 Italy Dolomiti di Ampezzo Map
IT3230078 Italy Gruppo del Popera - Dolomiti di Auronzo e di Val Comelico Map
IT3230080 Italy Val Talagona - Gruppo Monte Cridola - Monte Duranno Map
IT3230081 Italy Gruppo Antelao - Marmarole - Sorapis Map
IT3230083 Italy Dolomiti Feltrine e Bellunesi Map
IT3230084 Italy Civetta - Cime di San Sebastiano Map
IT3230085 Italy Comelico - Bosco della Digola - Brentoni - Tudaio Map
IT3230086 Italy Col di Lana - Settsas - Cherz Map
IT3230089 Italy Dolomiti del Cadore e del Comelico Map
IT3310001 Italy Dolomiti Friulane Map
IT3310002 Italy Val Colvera di Jof Map
IT3320001 Italy Gruppo del Monte Coglians Map
IT3320002 Italy Monti Dimon e Paularo Map
IT3320003 Italy Creta di Aip e Sella di Lanza Map
IT3320004 Italy Monte Auernig e Monte Corona Map
IT3320005 Italy Valloni di Rio Bianco e di Malborghetto Map
IT3320006 Italy Conca di Fusine Map
IT3320007 Italy Monti Bivera e Clapsavon Map
IT3320008 Italy Col Gentile Map
IT3320009 Italy Zuc dal Bor Map
IT3320010 Italy Jof di Montasio e Jof Fuart Map
IT3320011 Italy Monti Verzegnis e Valcalda Map
IT3320012 Italy Prealpi Giulie Settentrionali Map
IT3320015 Italy Valle del Medio Tagliamento Map
IT3321001 Italy Alpi Carniche Map
IT3321002 Italy Alpi Giulie Map
IT4010003 Italy Monte Nero, Monte Maggiorasca, La Ciapa Liscia Map
IT4010012 Italy Val Boreca, Monte Lesima Map
IT4010013 Italy Monte Dego, Monte Veri, Monte delle Tane Map
IT4020007 Italy Monte Penna, Monte Trevine, Groppo, Groppetto Map
IT4020008 Italy Monte Ragola, Lago Moò, Lago Bino Map
IT4020010 Italy Monte Gottero Map
IT4020020 Italy Crinale dell'Appennino parmense Map
IT4030001 Italy Monte Acuto, Alpe di Succiso Map
IT4030002 Italy Monte Ventasso Map
IT4030003 Italy Monte la Nuda, Cima Belfiore, Passo del Cerreto Map
IT4030004 Italy Val d'Ozola, Monte Cusna Map
IT4030005 Italy Abetina Reale, Alta Val Dolo Map
IT4030006 Italy Monte Prado Map
IT4040001 Italy Monte Cimone, Libro Aperto, Lago di Pratignano Map
IT4040002 Italy Monte Rondinaio, Monte Giovo Map
IT4050002 Italy Corno alle Scale Map
IT4080001 Italy Foresta di Campigna, Foresta la Lama, Monte Falco Map
IT5110002 Italy Monte Orsaro Map
IT5110003 Italy Monte Matto - Monte Malpasso Map
IT5110004 Italy Monte Acuto - Groppi di Camporaghena Map
IT5110005 Italy Monte La Nuda - Monte Tondo Map
IT5110008 Italy Monte Borla - Rocca di Tenerano Map
IT5120001 Italy Monte Sillano - Passo Romecchio Map
IT5120002 Italy Monte Castellino - Le Forbici Map
IT5120003 Italy Parco dell'Orecchiella - Pania di Corfino - Lamarossa Map
IT5120005 Italy Monte Romecchio - Monte Rondinaio - Poggione Map
IT5120008 Italy Valli glaciali di Orto di Donna e Solco d'Equi Map
IT5120009 Italy Monte Sumbra Map
IT5120015 Italy Praterie primarie e secondarie delle Apuane Map
IT5130001 Italy Alta Valle del Sestaione Map
IT5130002 Italy Campolino Map
IT5130004 Italy Pian degli Ontani Map
IT5130005 Italy Libro Aperto - Cima Tauffi Map
IT5130006 Italy Monte Spigolino - Monte Gennaio Map
IT5140002 Italy Sasso di Castro e Monte Beni Map
IT5210063 Italy Monti Coscerno - Civitella - Aspra (sommità) Map
IT5210071 Italy Monti Sibillini (versante umbro) Map
IT5330004 Italy Monte Bove Map
IT5330005 Italy Monte Castel Manardo - Tre Santi Map
IT5330006 Italy Faggete del S. Lorenzo Map
IT5330008 Italy Valle Rapegna e Monte Cardosa Map
IT5330029 Italy Dalla Gola del Fiastrone al Monte Vettore Map
IT5340008 Italy Valle della Corte Map
IT5340009 Italy Macera della Morte Map
IT5340013 Italy Monte Porche - Palazzo Borghese - Monte Argentella Map
IT5340014 Italy Monte Vettore e Valle del lago di Pilato Map
IT5340019 Italy Valle dell'Ambro Map
IT5340020 Italy Valle dell'Infernaccio - Monte Sibilla Map
IT6020005 Italy Monti Reatini Map
IT6020007 Italy Gruppo Monte Terminillo Map
IT6020015 Italy Complesso del Monte Nuria Map
IT6020020 Italy Monti della Duchessa (area sommitale) Map
IT6020021 Italy Monte Duchessa - Vallone Cieco e Bosco Cartore Map
IT6020025 Italy Monti della Laga (Area Sommitale) Map
IT6020046 Italy Riserva naturale Montagne della Duchessa Map
IT6030040 Italy Monte Autore e Monti Simbruini centrali Map
IT6050004 Italy Monte Viglio (area sommitale) Map
IT6050007 Italy Monte Tarino e Tarinello (area sommitale) Map
IT6050008 Italy Monti Simbruini ed Ernici Map
IT6050009 Italy Campo Catino Map
IT6050012 Italy Monte Passeggio e Pizzo Deta (area sommitale) Map
IT6050014 Italy Vallone Lacerno (fondovalle) Map
IT6050016 Italy Monte Ortara e Monte La Monna Map
IT7110100 Italy Monte Genzana Map
IT7110128 Italy Parco Nazionale Gran Sasso - Monti della Laga Map
IT7110130 Italy Sirente Velino Map
IT7110202 Italy Gran Sasso Map
IT7110205 Italy Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Map
IT7110206 Italy Monte Sirente e Monte Velino Map
IT7110207 Italy Monti Simbruini Map
IT7110208 Italy Monte Calvo e Colle Macchialunga Map
IT7120132 Italy Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise ed aree limitrofe Map
IT7120201 Italy Monti della Laga e Lago di Campotosto Map
IT7140129 Italy Parco Nazionale della Maiella Map
IT7140203 Italy Maiella Map
IT7212121 Italy Gruppo della Meta - Catena delle Mainarde Map
IT9210245 Italy Serra di Crispo, Grande Porta del Pollino e Pietra Castello Map
IT9310003 Italy Pollinello-Dolcedorme Map
IT9310005 Italy Cima del Monte Pollino Map
IT9310006 Italy Cima del Monte Dolcedorme Map
IT9310013 Italy Serra delle Ciavole-Serra di Crispo Map
ITB021103 Italy Monti del Gennargentu Map
PLC020001 Poland Karkonosze Map
PLC120001 Poland Tatry Map
PLC180001 Poland Bieszczady Map
PLH020004 Poland Góry Stołowe Map
PLH020016 Poland Góry Bialskie i Grupa Śnieżnika Map
PLH120001 Poland Ostoja Babiogórska Map
PLH240006 Poland Beskid Żywiecki Map
PTCON0014 Portugal Serra da Estrela Map
PTPIC0009 Portugal Montanha do Pico, Prainha e Caveiro - Ilha do Pico Map
PTTER0017 Portugal Serra Santa Bárbara e Pico Alto - Ilha da Terceira Map
ROSCI0002 Romania Apuseni Map
ROSCI0013 Romania Bucegi Map
ROSCI0015 Romania Buila - Vânturarița Map
ROSCI0016 Romania Buteasa Map
ROSCI0019 Romania Călimani - Gurghiu Map
ROSCI0024 Romania Ceahlău Map
ROSCI0027 Romania Cheile Bicazului - Hășmaș Map
ROSCI0038 Romania Ciucaș Map
ROSCI0046 Romania Cozia Map
ROSCI0047 Romania Creasta Nemirei Map
ROSCI0051 Romania Cușma Map
ROSCI0063 Romania Defileul Jiului Map
ROSCI0069 Romania Domogled - Valea Cernei Map
ROSCI0085 Romania Frumoasa Map
ROSCI0087 Romania Grădiștea Muncelului - Cioclovina Map
ROSCI0089 Romania Gutâi - Creasta Cocoșului Map
ROSCI0090 Romania Harghita Mădăraș Map
ROSCI0102 Romania Leaota Map
ROSCI0119 Romania Muntele Mare Map
ROSCI0122 Romania Munții Făgăraș Map
ROSCI0124 Romania Munții Maramureșului Map
ROSCI0125 Romania Munții Rodnei Map
ROSCI0126 Romania Munții Țarcu Map
ROSCI0128 Romania Nordul Gorjului de Est Map
ROSCI0129 Romania Nordul Gorjului de Vest Map
ROSCI0132 Romania Oltul Mijlociu - Cibin - Hârtibaciu Map
ROSCI0153 Romania Pădurea Glodeasa Map
ROSCI0188 Romania Parâng Map
ROSCI0190 Romania Penteleu Map
ROSCI0194 Romania Piatra Craiului Map
ROSCI0195 Romania Piatra Mare Map
ROSCI0196 Romania Pietrosul Broștenilor - Cheile Zugrenilor Map
ROSCI0207 Romania Postăvarul Map
ROSCI0208 Romania Putna - Vrancea Map
ROSCI0212 Romania Rarău - Giumalău Map
ROSCI0226 Romania Semenic - Cheile Carașului Map
ROSCI0229 Romania Siriu Map
ROSCI0239 Romania Târnovu Mare - Latorița Map
ROSCI0241 Romania Tinovul Apa Lină - Honcsok Map
ROSCI0253 Romania Trascău Map
ROSCI0260 Romania Valea Cepelor Map
ROSCI0323 Romania Munții Ciucului Map
ROSCI0381 Romania Râul Târgului - Argeșel - Râușor Map
ROSCI0395 Romania Soveja Map
SE0620001 Sweden Långfjället-Städjan-Nipfjället Map
SE0620002 Sweden Vedungsfjällen Map
SE0620009 Sweden Drevfjällen Map
SE0620015 Sweden Fulufjället Map
SE0620024 Sweden Skarsåsfjället Map
SE0620031 Sweden Naturreservatet Rödbergets domänreservat Map
SE0620041 Sweden Anjosvarden-Stopån-Våmhuskölen Map
SE0620042 Sweden Näcksjövarden Map
SE0620046 Sweden Korpimäki Map
SE0620054 Sweden Stor-Närfjället Map
SE0620055 Sweden Hundfjället Map
SE0620207 Sweden Tjåberget Map
SE0720029 Sweden Sonfjället Map
SE0720033 Sweden Rogen Map
SE0720084 Sweden Vålådalen Map
SE0720160 Sweden Oldflån-Ansätten Map
SE0720164 Sweden Skäckerfjällen Map
SE0720171 Sweden Svenskådalen Map
SE0720182 Sweden Saxvattnet Map
SE0720183 Sweden Frostvikenfjällen Map
SE0720185 Sweden Bjurälven-Korallgrottan Map
SE0720186 Sweden Grubbdalen Map
SE0720199 Sweden Gråberget-Hotagsfjällen Map
SE0720200 Sweden Henvålen-Aloppan Map
SE0720209 Sweden Järvdalen Map
SE0720212 Sweden Bastudalen Map
SE0720213 Sweden Marntallsåsen Map
SE0720214 Sweden Arådalen Map
SE0720218 Sweden Brovallvålen Map
SE0720220 Sweden Storåsen Map
SE0720223 Sweden Hamrafjället Map
SE0720271 Sweden Lill-Härjåbygget Map
SE0720279 Sweden Styggdalen-Vargån Map
SE0720281 Sweden Stor-Mittåkläppen Map
SE0720305 Sweden Kullflon-Nyflon Map
SE0720412 Sweden Tröskflyet-Oxflöten Map
SE0720440 Sweden Dalkarlskölen Map
SE0810054 Sweden Blaikfjället Map
SE0810056 Sweden Oxfjället Map
SE0810057 Sweden Gitsfjället Map
SE0810059 Sweden Marsfjället Map
SE0810077 Sweden Nalovardo Map
SE0810080 Sweden Vindelfjällen Map
SE0810355 Sweden Brattiken Map
SE0810360 Sweden Arasjö Map
SE0810367 Sweden Guorte, Joesjö Map
SE0810394 Sweden Vardo-, Laster- och Fjällfjällen Map
SE0810396 Sweden Daune Map
SE0810397 Sweden Södra Gardfjället Map
SE0810398 Sweden Norra Borgafjäll Map
SE0810439 Sweden Satsfjället Map
SE0810513 Sweden Njakafjäll Map
SE0820007 Sweden Jan-Svensamössan Map
SE0820008 Sweden Vittjåkk-Akkanålke Map
SE0820056 Sweden Laisdalens fjällurskog Map
SE0820061 Sweden Veddek Map
SE0820063 Sweden Akkelis Map
SE0820069 Sweden Nimtek Map
SE0820074 Sweden Ståkke-Bårgå fjällurskog Map
SE0820075 Sweden Reivo Map
SE0820120 Sweden Pieljekaise Map
SE0820123 Sweden Hornavan-Sädvajaure fjällurskog Map
SE0820124 Sweden Tjeggelvas Map
SE0820125 Sweden Ramanj Map
SE0820126 Sweden Långsjön-Gåbrek fjällurskog Map
SE0820130 Sweden Udtja Map
SE0820154 Sweden Kallovaratjeh Map
SE0820156 Sweden Pärlälvens fjällurskog Map
SE0820163 Sweden Kvikkjokk-Kabla fjällurskog Map
SE0820167 Sweden Muddus Map
SE0820185 Sweden Sarek Map
SE0820186 Sweden Ultevis fjällurskog Map
SE0820193 Sweden Stubba Map
SE0820201 Sweden Padjelanta Map
SE0820202 Sweden Stora Sjöfallet Map
SE0820204 Sweden Kaitum fjällurskog Map
SE0820209 Sweden Lina fjällurskog Map
SE0820211 Sweden Dundret Map
SE0820216 Sweden Sjaunja Map
SE0820221 Sweden Tunturit Map
SE0820243 Sweden Rautas Map
SE0820244 Sweden Sautusvaara Map
SE0820261 Sweden Abisko Map
SE0820275 Sweden Alajaure Map
SE0820282 Sweden Torneträsk-Soppero fjällurskog Map
SE0820284 Sweden Vadvetjåkka Map
SE0820287 Sweden Pessinki fjällurskog Map
SE0820293 Sweden Norra Torneträsk Map
SE0820294 Sweden Yraft Map
SE0820295 Sweden Laidauredeltat Map
SE0820334 Sweden Sulitelma Map
SE0820619 Sweden Tavvavuoma Map
SE0820620 Sweden Pältsa Map
SE0820621 Sweden Låktatjåkka Map
SE0820623 Sweden Nissuntjårro Map
SE0820722 Sweden Jelka-Rimakåbbå Map
SI3000038 Slovenia Smrekovško pogorje Map
SI3000119 Slovenia Porezen Map
SI3000132 Slovenia Peca Map
SI3000231 Slovenia Javorniki - Snežnik Map
SI3000253 Slovenia Julijske Alpe Map
SI3000264 Slovenia Kamniško - Savinjske Alpe Map
SI3000285 Slovenia Karavanke Map
SKCHVU008 Slovakia Horna Orava Map
SKCHVU013 Slovakia Mala Fatra Map
SKCHVU018 Slovakia Nizke Tatry Map
SKCHVU030 Slovakia Tatry Map
SKUEV0188 Slovakia Pilsko Map
SKUEV0189 Slovakia Babia hora Map
SKUEV0238 Slovakia Velka Fatra Map
SKUEV0252 Slovakia Mala Fatra Map
SKUEV0302 Slovakia Dumbierske Tatry Map
SKUEV0307 Slovakia Tatry Map
SKUEV0310 Slovakia Kralovoholske Tatry Map
SKUEV0930 Slovakia Lucanska Mala Fatra Map

Protected sites

Please note the site map takes a while to display.

Relation to habitat classifications

Classification Code Habitat type name Relationship type
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 1.2.1 Hedvegetation på fattigt underlag narrower
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 1.2.2 Hedvegetation på rikt/kalkrikt underlag narrower
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 1.1 Snöfria vindhedar narrower
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 Cassiope hypnoides-Salix herbacea typ narrower
Nordic Vegetation Classification 1994 Salix polaris typ narrower
National Vegetation Classification (UK) H17 Calluna vulgaris Arctostaphylos alpinus heath narrower
National Vegetation Classification (UK) H13 Calluna vulgaris-Cladonia arbuscula heath narrower
National Vegetation Classification (UK) H15 Calluna vulgaris-Juniperus communis ssp. nana heath narrower
National Vegetation Classification (UK) H14 Calluna vulgaris-Racomitrium lanuginosum heath narrower
National Vegetation Classification (UK) H19 Vaccinium myrtillus-Cladonia arbuscula heath narrower
National Vegetation Classification (UK) H20 Vaccinium myrtillus-Racomitrium lanuginosum heath narrower
National Vegetation Classification (UK) H22 Vaccinium myrtillus-Rubus chamaemorus heath narrower
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