Quercus ilex and Quercus rotundifolia forests

Description (English)

Forests dominated by Quercus ilex or Quercus rotundifolia, often, but not necessarily, calcicolous.
Pal. 45.31 Meso-Mediterranean holm-oak forests:
Rich meso-Mediterranean formations, penetrating locally, mostly in ravines, into the thermo-Mediterranean zone. They are often degraded to arborescent matorral (Pal. 32.11), and some of the sub- types listed no longer exist in the fully developed forest state relevant to Pal. category 45; they have nevertheless been included, both to provide appropriate codes for use in Pal. 32.11, and because restoration may be possible.
Pal. 45.32 Supra-Mediterranean holm-oak forests:
Formations of the supra-Mediterranean levels, often mixed with deciduous oaks, Acer spp. or Ostrya carpinifolia.
Pal. 45.33 Aquitanian holm-oak woodland:
Isolated Quercus ilex-dominated stands occurring as a facies of dunal pine-holm oak forests.
Pal. 45.34 Quercus rotundifolia woodland:
Iberian forest communities formed by Quercus rotundifolia. Generally, even in mature state, less tall, less luxuriant and drier than the fully developed forests that can be constituted by the closely related Quercus ilex, they are, moreover, most often degraded into open woodland or even arborescent matorral. Species characteristic of the undergrowth are Arbutus unedo, Phillyrea angustifolia, Rhamnus alaternus, Pistacia terebinthus, Rubia peregrina, Jasminum fruticans, Smilax aspera, Lonicera etrusca, Lonicera implexa.

Source: Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats, version EUR 28 (2013)

Quick facts

EU Habitats Directive Annex I habitat type (code 9340)
EU conservation status by biogeographical region Alpine - Bad
Atlantic - Poor
Continental - Good
Mediterranean - Poor
Habitat type Not priority
Natura 2000 sites 1643 are designated for this habitat type


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Conservation status

EU conservation status

Conservation status assesses every six years and for each biogeographical region the condition of habitats and species compared to the favourable status as described in the Habitats Directive. The map shows the 2013-2018 assessments as reported by EU Member State. Assessments are further detailed in the summary document available behind the link below.

Good: A habitat is in a situation where it is prospering and with good prospects to do so in the future as well
Poor: A habitat is in a situation where a change in management or policy is required to return the habitat to favourable status but there is no danger of disappearance in the foreseeable future
Bad: A habitat is in serious danger of disappearing (at least regionally)
Unknown: The information available for the habitat type is scarce and does not allow a proper assessment of its conservation status
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Species mentioned in habitat description

Flowering Plants Arbutus unedo
Flowering Plants Jasminum fruticans
Flowering Plants Lonicera etrusca
Flowering Plants Lonicera implexa
Flowering Plants Ostrya carpinifolia
Flowering Plants Phillyrea angustifolia
Flowering Plants Pistacia terebinthus
Flowering Plants Quercus ilex
Flowering Plants Quercus rotundifolia
Flowering Plants Rhamnus alaternus
Flowering Plants Rubia peregrina
Flowering Plants Smilax aspera
Species scientific name English common name Species group
Arbutus unedo Flowering Plants
Jasminum fruticans Flowering Plants
Lonicera etrusca Flowering Plants
Lonicera implexa Flowering Plants
Ostrya carpinifolia Flowering Plants
Phillyrea angustifolia Flowering Plants
Pistacia terebinthus Flowering Plants
Quercus ilex Flowering Plants
Quercus rotundifolia Flowering Plants
Rhamnus alaternus Flowering Plants
Rubia peregrina Flowering Plants
Smilax aspera Flowering Plants

Natura 2000 sites

Protected in the following Natura 2000 sites

Sitecode Country Site name Action
ES0000003 Spain Picos de Europa Map
ES0000014 Spain Monfragüe y las Dehesas del Entorno Map
ES0000015 Spain Sierra y Cañones de Guara Map
ES0000016 Spain Ordesa y Monte Perdido Map
ES0000017 Spain Cuenca de Gallocanta Map
ES0000018 Spain Prepirineu Central català Map
ES0000022 Spain Aigüestortes Map
ES0000024 Spain Doñana Map
ES0000031 Spain Sierra de Grazalema Map
ES0000032 Spain Torcal de Antequera Map
ES0000033 Spain Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Map
ES0000035 Spain Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Map
ES0000045 Spain Sierra Alhamilla Map
ES0000049 Spain Los Alcornocales Map
ES0000050 Spain Sierra de Hornachuelos Map
ES0000051 Spain Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Map
ES0000052 Spain Sierra Pelada y Rivera del Aserrador Map
ES0000053 Spain Sierra Norte de Sevilla Map
ES0000054 Spain Somiedo Map
ES0000062 Spain Obarenes-Sierra de Cantabria Map
ES0000063 Spain Sierra de Alcarama y Valle del Alhama Map
ES0000064 Spain Peñas de Iregua, Leza y Jubera Map
ES0000065 Spain Peñas de Arnedillo. Peñalmonte y Peña Isasa Map
ES0000067 Spain Sierras de Demanda, Urbión, Cebollera y Cameros Map
ES0000068 Spain Embalse de Orellana y Sierra de Pela Map
ES0000069 Spain Embalse de Cornalvo y Sierra Bermeja Map
ES0000070 Spain Sierra de San Pedro Map
ES0000071 Spain Llanos de Cáceres y Sierra de Fuentes Map
ES0000072 Spain Sierra Grande de Hornachos Map
ES0000073 Spain Costa Brava de Mallorca Map
ES0000079 Spain La Victòria Map
ES0000090 Spain Sierra Morena Map
ES0000115 Spain Hoces del Río Duratón Map
ES0000116 Spain Valle de Iruelas Map
ES0000124 Spain Sierra de Illón y Foz de Burgui Map
ES0000125 Spain Sierra de Leire y Foz de Arbaiun Map
ES0000128 Spain Sierra de San Miguel Map
ES0000129 Spain Sierra de Artxuga, Zarikieta y Montes de Areta Map
ES0000130 Spain Sierra de Arrigorrieta y Peña Ezkaurre Map
ES0000132 Spain Arabarko Map
ES0000137 Spain Los Valles Map
ES0000144 Spain Urdaibaiko itsasadarra / Ría de Urdaibai Map
ES0000150 Spain Peña de Etxauri Map
ES0000151 Spain Caparreta Map
ES0000154 Spain Zona esteparia de El Bonillo Map
ES0000158 Spain Áreas esteparias del Campo de Montiel Map
ES0000160 Spain Hoz del río Gritos y páramos de Las Valeras Map
ES0000164 Spain Sierra de Ayllón Map
ES0000165 Spain Valle y salinas del Salado Map
ES0000166 Spain Barranco del Dulce Map
ES0000169 Spain Río Tajo en Castrejón, islas de Malpica de Tajo y Azután Map
ES0000170 Spain Área esteparia de La Mancha norte Map
ES0000173 Spain Sierra Espuña Map
ES0000174 Spain Sierra de la Pila Map
ES0000196 Spain Estepas de Yecla Map
ES0000210 Spain Alto Sil Map
ES0000212 Spain Sierra de Martés-Muela de Cortes Map
ES0000213 Spain Serres de Mariola i el Carrascar de la Font Roja Map
ES0000225 Spain Sa Costera Map
ES0000227 Spain Muntanyes d'Artà Map
ES0000228 Spain Cap de ses Salines Map
ES0000230 Spain La Vall Map
ES0000231 Spain Dels Alocs a Fornells Map
ES0000232 Spain La Mola i s'Albufera de Fornells Map
ES0000235 Spain De s'Albufera a la Mola Map
ES0000238 Spain Son Bou i barranc de sa Vall Map
ES0000239 Spain De Binigaus a cala Mitjana Map
ES0000240 Spain Costa Sud de Ciutadella Map
ES0000244 Spain Gorobel mendilerroa / Sierra Sálvada Map
ES0000257 Spain Sierras de Ricote y la Navela Map
ES0000259 Spain Sierra de Mojantes Map
ES0000261 Spain Almenara-Moreras-Cabo Cope Map
ES0000262 Spain Sierras del Gigante-Pericay, Lomas del Buitre-Río Luchena y Sierra de la Torrecilla Map
ES0000264 Spain La Muela-Cabo Tiñoso Map
ES0000265 Spain Sierra del Molino, Embalse del Quipar y Llanos del Cagitán Map
ES0000266 Spain Sierra de Moratalla Map
ES0000267 Spain Sierras de Burete, Lavia y Cambrón Map
ES0000269 Spain Monte El Valle y Sierras de Altaona y Escalona Map
ES0000280 Spain Cotiella - Sierra Ferrera Map
ES0000281 Spain El Turbón y Sierra de Sís Map
ES0000282 Spain Salvatierra - Fozes de Fago y Biniés Map
ES0000283 Spain Sierras de Leyre y Orba Map
ES0000284 Spain Sotos y Carrizales del Río Aragón Map
ES0000285 Spain San Juan de La Peña y Peña Oroel Map
ES0000286 Spain Sierra de Canciás - Silves Map
ES0000287 Spain Sierras de Santo Domingo y Caballera y Río Onsella Map
ES0000288 Spain Sierra de Mongay Map
ES0000290 Spain La Sotonera Map
ES0000291 Spain Serreta de Tramaced Map
ES0000293 Spain Montes de Zuera, Castejón de Valdejasa y El Castellar Map
ES0000294 Spain Laguna de Sariñena y Balsa de La Estación Map
ES0000295 Spain Sierra de Alcubierre Map
ES0000297 Spain Sierra de Moncayo - Los Fayos - Sierra de Armas Map
ES0000298 Spain Matarraña - Aiguabarreix Map
ES0000299 Spain Desfiladeros del Río Jalón Map
ES0000300 Spain Río Huerva y Las Planas Map
ES0000302 Spain Parameras de Blancas Map
ES0000303 Spain Desfiladeros del Río Martín Map
ES0000304 Spain Parameras de Campo Visiedo Map
ES0000306 Spain Río Guadalope - Maestrazgo Map
ES0000307 Spain Puertos de Beceite Map
ES0000308 Spain Parameras de Pozondón Map
ES0000315 Spain Ubiña-La Mesa Map
ES0000318 Spain Cabo Busto-Luanco Map
ES0000319 Spain Ría de Ribadesella-Ría de Tinamayor Map
ES0000324 Spain Embalse de Arrocampo Map
ES0000325 Spain Campiña sur - Embalse de Arroyo Conejos Map
ES0000327 Spain Embalse de los Canchales Map
ES0000329 Spain Embalse de Valdecañas Map
ES0000334 Spain Sierras Centrales y Embalse de Alange Map
ES0000355 Spain Hurdes Map
ES0000356 Spain Riberos del Almonte Map
ES0000367 Spain La Serena y Sierras Periféricas Map
ES0000368 Spain Río Tajo Internacional y Riberos Map
ES0000369 Spain Llanos de Alcantara y Brozas Map
ES0000370 Spain Sierra de Gata y Valle de las Pilas Map
ES0000371 Spain Sierra de Moraleja y Piedra Santa Map
ES0000376 Spain Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés Map
ES0000381 Spain Puig Gros Map
ES0000383 Spain Puig des Castell Map
ES0000385 Spain Barbatx Map
ES0000386 Spain Capell de Ferro Map
ES0000397 Spain Embalse de la Serena Map
ES0000398 Spain Llanos y Complejo Lagunar de la Albuera Map
ES0000400 Spain Arrozales de Palazuelo y Guadalperales Map
ES0000408 Spain Vegas del Ruecas, Cubilar y Moheda Alta Map
ES0000415 Spain Embalse de Alcántara Map
ES0000416 Spain Embalse de Aldea del Cano Map
ES0000421 Spain Embalse Gabriel y Galán Map
ES0000434 Spain Canchos de Ramiro y Ladronera Map
ES0000435 Spain Área esteparia de la margen derecha del río Guadarrama Map
ES0000437 Spain Pena Trevinca Map
ES0000439 Spain Pla de sa Mola Map
ES0000440 Spain Des Teix al Puig de ses Fites Map
ES0000441 Spain D'Alfabia a Biniarroi Map
ES0000442 Spain De la serra de l'Esperó al Penyal Alt Map
ES0000443 Spain Sud de Ciutadella Map
ES0000444 Spain Serra d'Irta (ZEPA) Map
ES0000445 Spain Planiols-Benasques Map
ES0000446 Spain Desert de les Palmes (ZEPA) Map
ES0000448 Spain Hontanar-La Ferriza Map
ES0000449 Spain Alto Turia y Sierra del Negrete Map
ES0000451 Spain Montdúver-Marjal de la Safor Map
ES0000452 Spain Meca-Mugrón-San Benito Map
ES0000453 Spain Muntanyes de la Marina Map
ES0000455 Spain Els Alforins (ZEPA) Map
ES0000457 Spain Sierra de Salinas (ZEPA) Map
ES0000461 Spain Serres del Sud d'Alacant Map
ES0000463 Spain Cabeço d'Or i la Grana Map
ES0000465 Spain L'Alt Maestrat, Tinença de Benifassà, Turmell i Vallivana Map
ES0000466 Spain Penyagolosa (ZEPA) Map
ES0000468 Spain Serra d'Espadà (ZEPA) Map
ES0000469 Spain Serra Calderona (ZEPA) Map
ES0000474 Spain Serres de Mariola i el Carrascal de la Font Roja (ZEPA) Map
ES0000476 Spain Valls del Sió-Llobregós Map
ES0000477 Spain Bellmunt-Almenara Map
ES0000478 Spain Plans de Sió Map
ES0000479 Spain Secans de Belianes-Preixana Map
ES0000481 Spain Foces de Benasa y Burgui Map
ES0000482 Spain Arbaiun-Leire Map
ES0000483 Spain Ezkaurre-Arrigorrieta Map
ES1120001 Spain Ancares - Courel Map
ES1120007 Spain Cruzul - Agüeira Map
ES1120014 Spain Canón do Sil Map
ES1130001 Spain Baixa Limia Map
ES1130002 Spain Macizo Central Map
ES1130007 Spain Pena Trevinca Map
ES1130009 Spain Serra da Enciña da Lastra Map
ES1200001 Spain Picos de Europa (Asturias) Map
ES1200009 Spain Ponga-Amieva Map
ES1200010 Spain Montovo-La Mesa Map
ES1200012 Spain Caldoveiro Map
ES1200029 Spain Río Nalón Map
ES1200030 Spain Río Narcea Map
ES1200035 Spain Río Cares-Deva Map
ES1200040 Spain Meandros del Nora Map
ES1200041 Spain Peña Manteca-Genestaza Map
ES1200046 Spain Valgrande Map
ES1200052 Spain Río Trubia Map
ES1200055 Spain Cabo Busto-Luanco Map
ES1300001 Spain Liébana Map
ES1300002 Spain Montaña oriental Map
ES1300003 Spain Rias occidentales y Duna de Oyambre Map
ES1300005 Spain Dunas del Puntal y Estuario del Miera Map
ES1300006 Spain Costa central y Ría de Ajo Map
ES1300007 Spain Marismas de Santoña, Victoria y Joyel Map
ES1300008 Spain Rio Deva Map
ES1300009 Spain Río Nansa Map
ES1300010 Spain Río Pas Map
ES1300011 Spain Río Asón Map
ES1300012 Spain Río Agüera Map
ES1300015 Spain Río Miera Map
ES2110004 Spain Arkamu-Gibillo-Arrastaria Map
ES2110005 Spain Omecillo-Tumecillo ibaia / Río Omecillo-Tumecillo Map
ES2110006 Spain Baia ibaia / Río Baia Map
ES2110007 Spain Caicedo Yuso eta Arreoko lakua / Lago de Caicedo Yuso y Arreo Map
ES2110008 Spain Ebro ibaia / Río Ebro Map
ES2110009 Spain Gorbeia Map
ES2110010 Spain Zadorra ibaia / Río Zadorra Map
ES2110012 Spain Ihuda ibaia / Río Ihuda (Ayuda) Map
ES2110016 Spain Aldaiako mendiak / Montes de Aldaia Map
ES2110018 Spain Arabako hegoaldeko mendilerroak / Sierras meridionales de Álava Map
ES2110019 Spain Izki Map
ES2110020 Spain Ega-Berron ibaia / Río Ega-Berron Map
ES2110022 Spain Entzia Map
ES2110024 Spain Valderejo-Sobrón-Árcenako mendilerroa / Valderejo-Sobrón-Sierra de Árcena Map
ES2120001 Spain Arno Map
ES2120002 Spain Aizkorri-Aratz Map
ES2120003 Spain Izarraitz Map
ES2120004 Spain Urolako itsasadarra / Ría del Urola Map
ES2120006 Spain Pagoeta Map
ES2120007 Spain Garate-Santa Barbara Map
ES2120011 Spain Aralar Map
ES2120012 Spain Araxes ibaia / Río Araxes Map
ES2130001 Spain Armañón Map
ES2130002 Spain Ordunte Map
ES2130003 Spain Barbadungo Itsasadarra / Ría del Barbadun Map
ES2130005 Spain Gaztelugatxeko Doniene / San Juan de Gaztelugatxe Map
ES2130006 Spain Urdaibaiko ibai sarea / Red fluvial de Urdaibai Map
ES2130007 Spain Urdaibaiko itsasertzak eta padurak / Zonas litorales y marismas de Urdaibai Map
ES2130008 Spain Urdaibaiko artadi kantauriarrak / Encinares cantábricos de Urdaibai Map
ES2130009 Spain Urkiola Map
ES2130010 Spain Lea ibaia / Río Lea Map
ES2130011 Spain Artibai ibaia / Río Artibai Map
ES2200012 Spain Río Salazar Map
ES2200013 Spain Río Areta Map
ES2200021 Spain Urbasa y Andia Map
ES2200022 Spain Sierra de Lokiz Map
ES2200024 Spain Ríos Ega-Urederra Map
ES2200025 Spain Sistema fluvial de los ríos Irati, Urrobi y Erro Map
ES2200026 Spain Sierra de Ugarra Map
ES2200029 Spain Sierra de Codés Map
ES2200030 Spain Tramo medio del río Aragón Map
ES2200031 Spain Yesos de la Ribera Estellesa Map
ES2200032 Spain Montes de la Valdorba Map
ES2200037 Spain Bardenas Reales Map
ES2300006 Spain Sotos y Riberas del Ebro Map
ES2410001 Spain Los Valles - Sur Map
ES2410003 Spain Los Valles Map
ES2410004 Spain San Juan de La Peña Map
ES2410005 Spain Guara Norte Map
ES2410008 Spain Garganta de Obarra Map
ES2410012 Spain Foz de Biniés Map
ES2410013 Spain Macizo de Cotiella Map
ES2410015 Spain Monte Peiró - Arguis Map
ES2410016 Spain Santa María de Ascaso Map
ES2410021 Spain Curso Alto del Río Aragón Map
ES2410022 Spain Cuevas de Villanúa Map
ES2410023 Spain Collarada y Canal de Ip Map
ES2410024 Spain Telera - Acumuer Map
ES2410025 Spain Sierra y Cañones de Guara Map
ES2410026 Spain Congosto de Sopeira Map
ES2410042 Spain Sierra de Mongay Map
ES2410048 Spain Río Ara Map
ES2410049 Spain Río Isábena Map
ES2410050 Spain Cuenca del Río Yesa Map
ES2410051 Spain Cuenca del Río Airés Map
ES2410053 Spain Chistau Map
ES2410054 Spain Sierra Ferrera Map
ES2410056 Spain Sierra de Chía - Congosto de Seira Map
ES2410057 Spain Sierras de Los Valles, Aísa y Borau Map
ES2410058 Spain Río Veral Map
ES2410060 Spain Río Aragón-Canal de Berdún Map
ES2410061 Spain Sierras de San Juan de La Peña y Peña Oroel Map
ES2410064 Spain Sierras de Santo Domingo y Caballera Map
ES2410068 Spain Silves Map
ES2410069 Spain Sierra de Esdolomada y Morrones de Güel Map
ES2410070 Spain Sierra del Castillo de Laguarres Map
ES2410071 Spain Congosto de Olvena Map
ES2410072 Spain Lagunas de Estaña Map
ES2410073 Spain Ríos Cinca y Alcanadre Map
ES2410074 Spain Yesos de Barbastro Map
ES2410076 Spain Sierras de Alcubierre y Sigena Map
ES2420030 Spain Sabinares del Puerto de Escadón Map
ES2420036 Spain Puertos de Beceite Map
ES2420037 Spain Sierra de Javalambre Map
ES2420038 Spain Castelfrío - Mas de Tarín Map
ES2420039 Spain Rodeno de Albarracín Map
ES2420111 Spain Montes de La Cuenca de Gallocanta Map
ES2420113 Spain Parque Cultural del Río Martín Map
ES2420118 Spain Río Algars Map
ES2420119 Spain Els Ports de Beseit Map
ES2420122 Spain Sabinar de El Villarejo Map
ES2420123 Spain Sierra Palomera Map
ES2420124 Spain Muelas y Estrechos del Río Guadalope Map
ES2420125 Spain Rambla de Las Truchas Map
ES2420126 Spain Maestrazgo y Sierra de Gúdar Map
ES2420129 Spain Sierra de Javalambre II Map
ES2420131 Spain Los Yesares y Laguna de Tortajada Map
ES2420134 Spain Sabinar de San Blas Map
ES2420135 Spain Cuenca del Ebrón Map
ES2420136 Spain Sabinares de Saldón y Valdecuenca Map
ES2420142 Spain Sabinar de Monterde de Albarracín Map
ES2430007 Spain Foz de Salvatierra Map
ES2430028 Spain Moncayo Map
ES2430034 Spain Puerto de Codos - Encinacorba Map
ES2430035 Spain Sierra de Santa Cruz - Puerto de Used Map
ES2430047 Spain Sierras de Leyre y Orba Map
ES2430063 Spain Río Onsella Map
ES2430065 Spain Río Arba de Luesia Map
ES2430066 Spain Río Arba de Biel Map
ES2430078 Spain Montes de Zuera Map
ES2430087 Spain Maderuela Map
ES2430088 Spain Barranco de Valdeplata Map
ES2430089 Spain Sierra de Nava Alta - Puerto de La Chabola Map
ES2430098 Spain Cueva Honda Map
ES2430100 Spain Hoces del Jalón Map
ES2430102 Spain Sierra de Vicort Map
ES2430103 Spain Sierras de Algairén Map
ES2430104 Spain Riberas del Jalón (Bubierca - Ateca) Map
ES2430105 Spain Hoces del Río Mesa Map
ES2430106 Spain Los Romerales - Cerropozuelo Map
ES2430107 Spain Sierras de Pardos y Santa Cruz Map
ES2430109 Spain Hoces de Torralba - Río Piedra Map
ES2430110 Spain Alto Huerva - Sierra de Herrera Map
ES3110001 Spain Cuencas de los ríos Jarama y Henares Map
ES3110002 Spain Cuenca del río Lozoya y Sierra Norte Map
ES3110003 Spain Cuenca del río Guadalix Map
ES3110004 Spain Cuenca del río Manzanares Map
ES3110005 Spain Cuenca del río Guadarrama Map
ES3110006 Spain Vegas, cuestas y páramos del sureste de Madrid Map
ES3110007 Spain Cuencas de los ríos Alberche y Cofio Map
ES4110002 Spain Sierra de Gredos Map
ES4110097 Spain Campo Azálvaro - Pinares de Peguerinos Map
ES4110103 Spain Encinares de los ríos Adaja y Voltoya Map
ES4110112 Spain Encinares de la Sierra de Ávila Map
ES4110113 Spain Cerro de Guisando Map
ES4110114 Spain Pinares del Bajo Alberche Map
ES4110115 Spain Valle del Tiétar Map
ES4120025 Spain Ojo Guareña Map
ES4120028 Spain Monte Santiago Map
ES4120030 Spain Montes Obarenes Map
ES4120049 Spain Bosques del Valle de Mena Map
ES4120066 Spain Riberas del Río Nela y afluentes Map
ES4120068 Spain Riberas del Río Riaza Map
ES4120073 Spain Riberas del Río Oca y afluentes Map
ES4120089 Spain Hoces del Alto Ebro y Rudrón Map
ES4120091 Spain Sabinares del Arlanza Map
ES4120092 Spain Sierra de la Demanda Map
ES4120093 Spain Humada-Peña Amaya Map
ES4120094 Spain Sierra de la Tesla-Valdivielso Map
ES4120095 Spain Montes de Miranda de Ebro y Ameyugo Map
ES4130003 Spain Picos de Europa en Castilla y León Map
ES4130010 Spain Sierra de los Ancares Map
ES4130038 Spain Sierra de la Encina de la Lastra Map
ES4130050 Spain Montaña Central de León Map
ES4130076 Spain Riberas del Río Sil y afluentes Map
ES4130079 Spain Riberas del Río Esla y afluentes Map
ES4130117 Spain Montes Aquilanos y Sierra de Teleno Map
ES4130145 Spain Lagunas de los Oteros Map
ES4140011 Spain Fuentes Carrionas y Fuente Cobre-Montaña Palentina Map
ES4140026 Spain Las Tuerces Map
ES4140053 Spain Montes del Cerrato Map
ES4140082 Spain Riberas del Río Pisuerga y afluentes Map
ES4140129 Spain Montes Torozos y Páramos de Torquemada-Astudillo Map
ES4150032 Spain El Rebollar Map
ES4150064 Spain Riberas de los Ríos Huebra, Yeltes, Uces y afluentes Map
ES4150085 Spain Riberas del Río Tormes y afluentes Map
ES4150096 Spain Arribes del Duero Map
ES4150098 Spain Campo de Argañán Map
ES4150100 Spain Campo de Azaba Map
ES4150107 Spain Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia Map
ES4150108 Spain Quilamas Map
ES4150121 Spain Riberas del Río Alagón y afluentes Map
ES4150125 Spain Riberas del Río Agadón Map
ES4150126 Spain Valle del Cuerpo de Hombre Map
ES4150127 Spain Riberas del Río Águeda Map
ES4160104 Spain Hoces del Río Riaza Map
ES4160109 Spain Sierra de Guadarrama Map
ES4160111 Spain Valles del Voltoya y el Zorita Map
ES4170029 Spain Sabinares Sierra de Cabrejas Map
ES4170054 Spain Oncala-Valtajeros Map
ES4170055 Spain Cigudosa-San Felices Map
ES4170056 Spain Sabinares de Ciria-Borobia Map
ES4170057 Spain Sabinares del Jalón Map
ES4170083 Spain Riberas del Río Duero y afluentes Map
ES4170116 Spain Sierras de Urbión y Cebollera Map
ES4170119 Spain Sierra del Moncayo Map
ES4170120 Spain Páramo de Layna Map
ES4170135 Spain Cañón del Río Lobos Map
ES4170138 Spain Quejigares y encinares de Sierra del Madero Map
ES4170139 Spain Quejigares de Gómara-Nájima Map
ES4170142 Spain Encinares de Tiermes Map
ES4170143 Spain Encinares de Sierra del Costanazo Map
ES4170144 Spain Riberas del Río Cidacos y afluentes Map
ES4170148 Spain Altos de Barahona Map
ES4180017 Spain Riberas de Castronuño Map
ES4180081 Spain Riberas del Río Adaja y afluentes Map
ES4180130 Spain El Carrascal Map
ES4190033 Spain Sierra de la Culebra Map
ES4190061 Spain Quejigares de la Tierra del Vino Map
ES4190067 Spain Riberas del Río Tera y afluentes Map
ES4190074 Spain Riberas del Río Aliste y afluentes Map
ES4190102 Spain Cañones del Duero Map
ES4190110 Spain Sierra de la Cabrera Map
ES4190131 Spain Riberas del Río Tuela y afluentes Map
ES4190132 Spain Riberas del Río Manzanas y afluentes Map
ES4190133 Spain Campo Alto de Aliste Map
ES4190134 Spain Lagunas de Tera y Vidriales Map
ES4210001 Spain Hoces del río Júcar Map
ES4210002 Spain La Encantada, El Moral y Los Torreones Map
ES4210005 Spain Laguna de Los Ojos de Villaverde Map
ES4210006 Spain Laguna del Arquillo Map
ES4210008 Spain Sierra de Alcaraz y Segura y cañones del Segura y del Mundo Map
ES4210016 Spain Sierra del Relumbrar y estribaciones de Alcaraz Map
ES4210017 Spain Lagunas de Ruidera Map
ES4220002 Spain Sierra de Picón Map
ES4220003 Spain Ríos de la cuenca media del Guadiana y laderas vertientes Map
ES4220005 Spain Lagunas volcánicas del Campo de Calatrava Map
ES4220007 Spain Ríos Quejigal, Valdeazogues y Alcudia Map
ES4220013 Spain Sierra de Los Canalizos Map
ES4220015 Spain Sierras de Almadén - Chillón - Guadalmez Map
ES4220017 Spain Alcornocal de Zumajo Map
ES4220018 Spain Túneles de Ojailén Map
ES4220019 Spain Bonales de la comarca de Los Montes del Guadiana Map
ES4230001 Spain Rentos de Orchova y vertientes del Turia Map
ES4230002 Spain Sierras de Talayuelas y Aliaguilla Map
ES4230005 Spain Sabinares de Campillos - Sierra y Valdemorillo de la Sierra Map
ES4230009 Spain Cueva de La Judía Map
ES4230012 Spain Estepas yesosas de La Alcarria conquense Map
ES4230013 Spain Hoces del Cabriel, Guadazaón y ojos de Moya Map
ES4230014 Spain Serranía de Cuenca Map
ES4230016 Spain Río Júcar sobre Alarcón Map
ES4240003 Spain Riberas del Henares Map
ES4240004 Spain Rañas de Matarrubia, Villaseca y Casas de Uceda Map
ES4240007 Spain Sierra de Pela Map
ES4240009 Spain Valle del río Cañamares Map
ES4240013 Spain Cueva de La Canaleja Map
ES4240014 Spain Quejigares de Barriopedro y Brihuega Map
ES4240015 Spain Valle del Tajuña en Torrecuadrada Map
ES4240016 Spain Alto Tajo Map
ES4240017 Spain Parameras de Maranchón, hoz del Mesa y Aragoncillo Map
ES4240018 Spain Sierra de Altomira Map
ES4240020 Spain Montes de Picaza Map
ES4240022 Spain Sabinares rastreros de Alustante - Tordesilos Map
ES4240023 Spain Lagunas y parameras del Señorío de Molina Map
ES4240024 Spain Sierra de Caldereros Map
ES4250001 Spain Sierra de San Vicente y valles del Tiétar y Alberche Map
ES4250003 Spain Barrancas de Talavera Map
ES4250005 Spain Montes de Toledo Map
ES4250006 Spain Rincón del Torozo Map
ES4250009 Spain Yesares del valle del Tajo Map
ES4250010 Spain Humedales de La Mancha Map
ES4250013 Spain Rios de la margen izquierda del Tajo y berrocales del Tajo Map
ES4310004 Spain Dehesas de Jerez Map
ES4310008 Spain Estena Map
ES4310009 Spain Puerto Peña - los Golondrinos Map
ES4310010 Spain La Serena Map
ES4310020 Spain Río Ardila Bajo Map
ES4310023 Spain Río Guadalemar Map
ES4310024 Spain Río Guadamez Map
ES4310027 Spain Río Guadiana Internacional Map
ES4310036 Spain Sierra de Escorial Map
ES4310040 Spain Sierra de Moraleja Map
ES4310042 Spain Sierra de Siruela Map
ES4310043 Spain Sierra de Villares - Balbueno Map
ES4310045 Spain Valdecigüeñas Map
ES4310059 Spain Río Gevora Bajo Map
ES4310060 Spain Corredores de Siruela Map
ES4310064 Spain Río Ortiga Map
ES4310066 Spain Sierra de Maria Andres Map
ES4310067 Spain Sierras de Alor y Monte Longo Map
ES4310068 Spain Sierras de Bienvenida y la Capitana Map
ES4310069 Spain Cueva del Agua Map
ES4310073 Spain Mina los Novilleros Map
ES4320001 Spain Canchos de Ramiro Map
ES4320002 Spain Cedillo y Río Tajo Internacional Map
ES4320005 Spain Dehesas del Ruecas y Cubilar Map
ES4320011 Spain Las Hurdes Map
ES4320013 Spain Granadilla Map
ES4320018 Spain Río Almonte Map
ES4320021 Spain Río Erjas Map
ES4320029 Spain Río Ruecas Alto Map
ES4320033 Spain Rivera de los Molinos y la Torre Map
ES4320035 Spain Sierra de Cabezas de Aguila Map
ES4320037 Spain Sierra de Gata Map
ES4320038 Spain Sierra de Gredos y Valle del Jerte Map
ES4320039 Spain Sierra de las Villuercas y Valle del Guadarranque Map
ES4320047 Spain Sierras de Risco Viejo Map
ES4320062 Spain Cañada del Venero Map
ES4320064 Spain Embalse de Lancho Map
ES4320065 Spain Embalse de Petit I Map
ES4320068 Spain Márgenes de Valdecañas Map
ES4320070 Spain Río Guadalupejo Map
ES4320073 Spain Rivera de Aurela Map
ES4320074 Spain Rivera de Membrio Map
ES4320075 Spain Riveras de Carbajo y Calatrucha Map
ES4320077 Spain Monfragüe Map
ES4320080 Spain Tunel de Cañamero Map
ES5110001 Spain Massís del Montseny Map
ES5110004 Spain Serra de Catllaràs Map
ES5110005 Spain Sistema Transversal català Map
ES5110007 Spain Riu i Estanys de Tordera Map
ES5110008 Spain Gallifa-Cingles de Bertí Map
ES5110009 Spain Riera de Merlès Map
ES5110010 Spain Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac Map
ES5110011 Spain Serres del Litoral Septentrional Map
ES5110012 Spain Montserrat-Roques Blanques-riu Llobregat Map
ES5110013 Spain Serres del Litoral central Map
ES5110015 Spain Sistema Prelitoral Central Map
ES5110016 Spain Riera de Sorreigs Map
ES5110018 Spain Valls de l'Anoia Map
ES5110021 Spain Riera de la Goda Map
ES5110022 Spain Capçaleres del Foix Map
ES5110023 Spain Riera de Clariana Map
ES5110024 Spain Serra de Collserola Map
ES5110025 Spain Riu Congost Map
ES5120001 Spain Alta Garrotxa - Massís de les Salines Map
ES5120004 Spain Zona Volcànica de la Garrotxa Map
ES5120007 Spain Cap de Creus Map
ES5120008 Spain Estany de Banyoles Map
ES5120009 Spain Basses de l'Albera Map
ES5120010 Spain Les Gavarres Map
ES5120011 Spain Riberes del Baix Ter Map
ES5120012 Spain Les Guilleries Map
ES5120013 Spain Massís de les Cadiretes Map
ES5120014 Spain L'Albera Map
ES5120015 Spain Litoral del Baix Empordà Map
ES5120016 Spain El Montgrí- Les Medes - El Baix Ter Map
ES5120017 Spain Estany de Sils-Ribera de Santa Coloma Map
ES5120018 Spain Muntanyes de Rocacorba-Puig de la Banya del Boc Map
ES5120020 Spain Riu Llémena Map
ES5120021 Spain Riu Fluvià Map
ES5120023 Spain Rieres de Xuclà i Riudelleques Map
ES5120025 Spain Garriga d'Empordà Map
ES5120026 Spain Tossa Plana de Lles-Puigpedrós Map
ES5120029 Spain Riu Brugent Map
ES5130001 Spain Els Bessons Map
ES5130003 Spain Alt Pallars Map
ES5130008 Spain Serra d'Aubenç i Roc de Cogul Map
ES5130009 Spain Serra de Turp i Mora Condal-Valldan Map
ES5130010 Spain Serra de Boumort-Collegats Map
ES5130012 Spain Vall Alta de Serradell-Serra de Sant Gervàs Map
ES5130014 Spain Aiguabarreig Segre-Noguera Pallaresa Map
ES5130015 Spain Serres del Montsec, Sant Mamet i Mitjana Map
ES5130016 Spain Valls del Sió-Llobregós Map
ES5130019 Spain Estany de Montcortès Map
ES5130021 Spain Secans de la Noguera Map
ES5130023 Spain Beneïdor Map
ES5130024 Spain La Faiada de Malpàs i Cambatiri Map
ES5130025 Spain Bellmunt-Almenara Map
ES5130026 Spain Serra de Prada-Castellàs Map
ES5130027 Spain Obagues de la riera de Madrona Map
ES5130028 Spain Ribera Salada Map
ES5130029 Spain Serres de Queralt i Els Tossals-Aigua d'Ora Map
ES5130032 Spain Vessants de la Noguera Ribagorçana Map
ES5130036 Spain Plans de Sió Map
ES5130037 Spain Secans de Belianes-Preixana Map
ES5130039 Spain Vall de Vinaixa Map
ES5140002 Spain Serra de Godall Map
ES5140003 Spain Ribera de l'Algars Map
ES5140005 Spain Serra de Montsià Map
ES5140006 Spain Serres de Cardó- El Boix Map
ES5140008 Spain Muntanyes de Prades Map
ES5140009 Spain Tivissa-Vandellòs-Llaberia Map
ES5140011 Spain Sistema Prelitoral meridional Map
ES5140015 Spain Riu Siurana i planes del Priorat Map
ES5140017 Spain Serra de Montsant-Pas de l'Ase Map
ES5140018 Spain El Montmell-Marmellar Map
ES5140021 Spain Obagues del riu Corb Map
ES5213019 Spain Aitana, Serrella i Puigcampana Map
ES5213020 Spain Serres del Ferrer i Bèrnia Map
ES5213022 Spain Serra de Crevillent Map
ES5213039 Spain Sierra de Salinas Map
ES5213042 Spain Valls de la Marina Map
ES5213054 Spain Els Alforins Map
ES5221002 Spain Desert de les Palmes Map
ES5222001 Spain Serra d'Espadà Map
ES5222004 Spain Curs alt del riu Millars Map
ES5223002 Spain L'Alt Maestrat Map
ES5223004 Spain Penyagolosa Map
ES5223005 Spain Alt Palància Map
ES5223029 Spain Riu Bergantes Map
ES5223036 Spain Serra d'Irta Map
ES5223055 Spain Serra d'en Galceràn Map
ES5232002 Spain Serra Calderona Map
ES5232004 Spain Rius del Racó d'Ademús Map
ES5232006 Spain Alto Túria Map
ES5233001 Spain Tinença de Benifassà, Turmell i Vallivana Map
ES5233006 Spain Puebla de San Miguel Map
ES5233008 Spain Sabinar de Alpuente Map
ES5233009 Spain Sierra del Negrete Map
ES5233011 Spain Sierras de Martés y el Ave Map
ES5233012 Spain Valle de Ayora y Sierra del Boquerón Map
ES5233013 Spain Serra de Corbera Map
ES5233015 Spain Serres del Montdúver i Marxuquera Map
ES5233034 Spain Sierra del Mugrón Map
ES5233035 Spain Arroyo Cerezo Map
ES5233040 Spain Muela de Cortes y el Caroche Map
ES5233044 Spain Sierra de Malacara Map
ES5233045 Spain Serra d'Enguera Map
ES5310008 Spain Es Galatzó - s'Esclop Map
ES5310009 Spain Es Teix Map
ES5310010 Spain Comuna de Bunyola Map
ES5310025 Spain Cap de Barbaria Map
ES5310026 Spain Fita des Ram Map
ES5310027 Spain Cimals de la Serra Map
ES5310029 Spain Na Borges Map
ES5310079 Spain Puig de na Bauçà Map
ES5310080 Spain Puigpunyent Map
ES5310081 Spain Port des Canonge Map
ES5310082 Spain S'Estaca - Punta de Deià Map
ES5310083 Spain Es Boixos Map
ES5310084 Spain Torre Picada Map
ES5310085 Spain Moncaire Map
ES5310086 Spain Monnàber Map
ES5310087 Spain Bàlitx Map
ES5310088 Spain Gorg Blau Map
ES5310089 Spain Biniarroi Map
ES5310090 Spain Puig d'Alaró - Puig de s'Alcadena Map
ES5310091 Spain Mossa Map
ES5310092 Spain Muntanyes de Pollença Map
ES5310101 Spain Randa Map
ES5310113 Spain La Vall Map
ES5310116 Spain Biniatrum Map
ES5310118 Spain Torre Llafuda Map
ES5310119 Spain Penyes d'Egipte Map
ES5310120 Spain Es Clot des Guix Map
ES5310121 Spain Binigurdó Map
ES5310126 Spain Puig Malet i Santa Eularieta Map
ES5310127 Spain Costa Brava de Tramuntana Map
ES6110003 Spain Sierra Maria - Los Vélez Map
ES6110004 Spain Sierra del Oso Map
ES6110005 Spain Sierra de Cabrera-Bédar Map
ES6110006 Spain Ramblas de Gérgal, Tabernas y Sur de Sierra Alhamilla Map
ES6110008 Spain Sierras de Gádor y Enix Map
ES6110011 Spain Sierra del Alto de Almagro Map
ES6110013 Spain Calares de Sierra de Los Filabres Map
ES6110018 Spain Río Adra Map
ES6120013 Spain Sierra Líjar Map
ES6120021 Spain Río Guadalete Map
ES6130001 Spain Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro Map
ES6130002 Spain Sierras Subbéticas Map
ES6130003 Spain Sierra de Santa Eufemia Map
ES6130004 Spain Río Guadalmez Map
ES6130005 Spain Suroeste de La Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro Map
ES6130006 Spain Guadalmellato Map
ES6130007 Spain Guadiato-Bembézar Map
ES6130009 Spain Ríos Cuzna y Gato Map
ES6130010 Spain Río Guadamatilla y Arroyo del Tamujar Map
ES6130011 Spain Río Guadamatilla Map
ES6130012 Spain Río Zújar Map
ES6130013 Spain Barrancos del Río Retortillo Map
ES6130014 Spain Arroyo de Ventas Nuevas Map
ES6130015 Spain Río Guadalquivir -Tramo Medio Map
ES6130016 Spain Río Guadalbarbo Map
ES6130017 Spain Alto Guadiato Map
ES6140001 Spain Sierra de Baza Map
ES6140002 Spain Sierra de Castril Map
ES6140003 Spain Sierra de Huétor Map
ES6140004 Spain Sierra Nevada Map
ES6140005 Spain Sierra de La Sagra Map
ES6140006 Spain Sierra de Arana Map
ES6140007 Spain Sierras del Campanario y Las Cabras Map
ES6140008 Spain Sierra de Loja Map
ES6140015 Spain Barrancos del Río de Aguas Blancas Map
ES6150009 Spain Doñana Norte y Oeste Map
ES6150010 Spain Andévalo Occidental Map
ES6150018 Spain Río Guadiana y Ribera de Chanza Map
ES6150020 Spain Arroyo del Alamillo Map
ES6150021 Spain Corredor Ecológico del Río Tinto Map
ES6150022 Spain Rivera de Chanza Map
ES6150024 Spain El Jure Map
ES6150026 Spain Mina Sotiel Coronada Map
ES6150027 Spain Mina Oriente Map
ES6160003 Spain Cascada de Cimbarra Map
ES6160004 Spain Laguna Grande Map
ES6160005 Spain Despeñaperros Map
ES6160006 Spain Sierra de Andújar Map
ES6160007 Spain Sierra Mágina Map
ES6160008 Spain Cuencas del Rumblar, Guadalén y Guadalmena Map
ES6160009 Spain Estribaciones de Sierra Mágina Map
ES6160011 Spain Río Guadiana Menor - Tramo Inferior Map
ES6160012 Spain Río Jándula Map
ES6160013 Spain Río Guadalquivir Tramo Superior Map
ES6160014 Spain Río Guadalimar Map
ES6170005 Spain Sierra Crestellina Map
ES6170006 Spain Sierra de Las Nieves Map
ES6170007 Spain Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama Map
ES6170009 Spain Sierras de Alcaparaín y Aguas Map
ES6170010 Spain Sierras Bermeja y Real Map
ES6170011 Spain Sierra Blanca Map
ES6170012 Spain Sierra de Camarolos Map
ES6170016 Spain Valle del Río del Genal Map
ES6170018 Spain Cueva de Belda I Map
ES6170022 Spain Río Fuengirola Map
ES6170028 Spain Río Guadalmedina Map
ES6170031 Spain Río Guadiaro Map
ES6170032 Spain Sierra Blanquilla Map
ES6170033 Spain Ríos Guadalhorce, Fahalas y Pereilas Map
ES6170034 Spain Río Guadalevín Map
ES6170038 Spain Montes de Málaga Map
ES6180004 Spain Sierra de Alanís Map
ES6180005 Spain Corredor Ecológico del Río Guadiamar Map
ES6180006 Spain Laguna de Coripe Map
ES6180010 Spain Rivera de Cala Map
ES6180011 Spain Río Corbones Map
ES6180012 Spain Minas El Galayo y La Jabata Map
ES6180015 Spain Mina El Abrevadero Map
ES6180016 Spain Venta de Las Navas Map
ES6200001 Spain Calblanque, Monte de las Cenizas y Peña del Águila Map
ES6200002 Spain Carrascoy y El Valle Map
ES6200003 Spain Sierra de La Pila Map
ES6200004 Spain Sierras y Vega Alta del Segura y Ríos Alhárabe y Moratalla Map
ES6200008 Spain Sierra Salinas Map
ES6200009 Spain Sierra de El Carche Map
ES6200015 Spain La Muela y Cabo Tiñoso Map
ES6200016 Spain Revolcadores Map
ES6200017 Spain Sierra de Villafuerte Map
ES6200018 Spain Sierra de la Muela Map
ES6200019 Spain Sierra del Gavilán Map
ES6200020 Spain Casa Alta-Salinas Map
ES6200021 Spain Sierra de Lavia Map
ES6200022 Spain Sierra del Gigante Map
ES6200023 Spain Sierra de la Tercia Map
ES6200026 Spain Sierra de Ricote-La Navela Map
ES6200035 Spain Sierra de Almenara Map
ES6200036 Spain Sierra del Buey Map
ES6200037 Spain Sierra del Serral Map
ES6200038 Spain Cuerda de la Serrata Map
ES6200039 Spain Cabezo de la Jara y Rambla de Nogalte Map
ES6200041 Spain Rambla de la Rogativa Map
ES6200047 Spain Sierra de la Torrecilla Map
FR5200653 France Marais Breton, baie de Bourgneuf, île de Noirmoutier et forêt de Monts Map
FR5200654 France Côtes rocheuses, dunes, landes et marais de l'île d'Yeu Map
FR5200656 France Dunes, forêt et marais d'Olonne Map
FR5400410 France Les Chaumes Boissières et côteaux de Châteauneuf-sur-Charente Map
FR5400413 France Vallées calcaires péri-angoumoisines Map
FR5400430 France Vallée de la Charente (basse vallée) Map
FR5400433 France Dunes et forêts littorales de l'ile d'Oléron Map
FR5400435 France Chaumes de Sechebec Map
FR5400438 France Marais et falaises des côteaux de Gironde Map
FR5400465 France Landes de Cadeuil Map
FR5400472 France Moyenne vallée de la Charente et Seugnes et Coran Map
FR5400473 France Vallée de l'Antenne Map
FR5402009 France Vallée de la Charente entre Angoulème et Cognac et ses principaux affluents (SOLOIRE, BOEME, ECHELLE) Map
FR7200664 France Coteaux calcaires de la vallée de la Dordogne Map
FR7200665 France Coteaux calcaires de Proissans, Sainte-Nathalène et Saint-Vincent-le-Paluel Map
FR7200666 France Vallées des Beunes Map
FR7200667 France Coteaux calcaires de la vallée de la Vézère Map
FR7200672 France Coteaux calcaires du Causse de Daglan et de la Vallée du Céou Map
FR7200676 France Coteaux calcaires de Borrèze Map
FR7200733 France Coteaux du Boudouyssou et plateau de Lascrozes Map
FR7300829 France Quiès calcaires de Tarascon-sur-Ariège et grotte de la Petite Caougno Map
FR7300852 France Gorges de la Vis et de la Virenque Map
FR7300854 France Buttes témoins des avant-causses Map
FR7300885 France Chaînons calcaires du Piémont Commingeois Map
FR7300912 France Moyenne vallée du Lot inférieure Map
FR7300945 France Causse de Caucalières et Labruguière Map
FR7300951 France Forêt de la Grésigne Map
FR7300952 France Gorges de l'Aveyron, causses proches et vallée de la Vère Map
FR8201654 France Basse Ardèche urgonienne Map
FR8201656 France Bois de Païolive et Basse Vallée du Chassezac Map
FR8201657 France Moyenne vallée de l'Ardèche, pelouses du plateau des Gras Map
FR8201658 France Vallée de l'Eyrieux et ses affluents Map
FR8201660 France Plateau de Montselgues Map
FR8201661 France Landes et forêts du bois des Bartres Map
FR8201662 France Massifs de Crussol, Soyons, Cornas-Chateaubourg Map
FR8201663 France Affluents rive droite du Rhône Map
FR8201668 France Marais de Malibaud Map
FR8201669 France Rompon-Ouvèze-Payre Map
FR8201670 France Cévennes ardèchoises Map
FR8201676 France Sables du Tricastin Map
FR8201681 France Gervanne et rebord occidental du Vercors Map
FR8201689 France Forêts alluviales, rivière et gorges de l'Eygues Map
FR8202007 France Vallées de la Beaume et de la Drobie Map
FR9101364 France Hautes vallées de la Cèze et du Luech Map
FR9101367 France Vallée du Gardon de Mialet Map
FR9101368 France Vallée du Gardon de Saint-Jean Map
FR9101372 France Falaises d'Anduze Map
FR9101384 France Gorges de la Vis et de la Virenque Map
FR9101387 France Les Contreforts du Larzac Map
FR9101388 France Gorges de l'Hérault Map
FR9101389 France Pic Saint-Loup Map
FR9101392 France Le Lez Map
FR9101393 France Montagne de la Moure et Causse d'Aumelas Map
FR9101395 France Le Gardon et ses gorges Map
FR9101398 France Forêt de Valbonne Map
FR9101399 France La Cèze et ses gorges Map
FR9101402 France Étang et mares de la Capelle Map
FR9101419 France Crêtes du Mont Marcou et des Monts de Mare Map
FR9101424 France Le Caroux et l'Espinouse Map
FR9101427 France Grotte de Julio Map
FR9101428 France Grotte de la Rivière Morte Map
FR9101429 France Grotte de la source du Jaur Map
FR9101436 France Cours inférieur de l'Aude Map
FR9101444 France Les Causses du Minervois Map
FR9101451 France Gorges de la Clamoux Map
FR9101452 France Massif de la Malepère Map
FR9101453 France Massif de la Clape Map
FR9101458 France Vallée du Torgan Map
FR9101470 France Haute Vallée de l'Aude et Bassin de l'Aiguette Map
FR9101472 France Massif du Puigmal Map
FR9101473 France Massif de Madres-Coronat Map
FR9101475 France Massif du Canigou Map
FR9101483 France Massif des Albères Map
FR9101489 France Vallée de l'Orbieu Map
FR9102003 France Le Valat de Solan Map
FR9102006 France Grotte du Trésor Map
FR9102007 France Mines de Villeneuvette Map
FR9102010 France Sites à chiroptères des Pyrénées orientales Map
FR9301533 France L'Asse Map
FR9301542 France Adrets de Montjustin - les Craux - rochers et crêtes de Volx Map
FR9301556 France Massif du Lauvet d'Ilonse et des Quatre Cantons - Dome de Barrot - Gorges du Cians Map
FR9301559 France Le Mercantour Map
FR9301561 France Marguareis - La Brigue - Fontan - Saorge Map
FR9301562 France Sites à Spéléomantes de Roquebillière Map
FR9301563 France Brec d'Utelle Map
FR9301564 France Gorges de la Vésubie et du Var - mont Vial - mont Férion Map
FR9301566 France Sites à chauves souris de Breil-sur-Roya Map
FR9301567 France Vallée du Carei - collines de Castillon Map
FR9301568 France Corniches de la Rivièra Map
FR9301569 France Vallons obscurs de Nice et de Saint Blaise Map
FR9301570 France Préalpes de Grasse Map
FR9301571 France Rivière et gorges du Loup Map
FR9301572 France Dôme de Biot Map
FR9301573 France Baie et cap d'Antibes - îles de Lerins Map
FR9301574 France Gorges de la Siagne Map
FR9301577 France L'Ouvèze et le Toulourenc Map
FR9301580 France Mont Ventoux Map
FR9301582 France Rochers et combes des monts de Vaucluse Map
FR9301583 France Ocres de Roussillon et de Gignac - Marnes de Perreal Map
FR9301585 France Massif du Luberon Map
FR9301587 France Le Calavon et l'Encrème Map
FR9301589 France La Durance Map
FR9301594 France Les Alpilles Map
FR9301595 France Crau centrale - Crau sèche Map
FR9301596 France Marais de la vallée des Baux et marais d'Arles Map
FR9301597 France Marais et zones humides liés à l'étang de Berre Map
FR9301601 France Côte bleue - chaîne de l'Estaque Map
FR9301602 France Calanques et îles marseillaises - Cap Canaille et massif du Grand Caunet Map
FR9301603 France Chaîne de l'Etoile- massif du Garlaban Map
FR9301605 France Montagne Sainte Victoire Map
FR9301606 France Massif de la Sainte-Baume Map
FR9301608 France Mont Caume - mont Faron - forêt domaniale des Morières Map
FR9301609 France La Pointe Fauconnière Map
FR9301610 France Cap Sicie - Six Fours Map
FR9301613 France Rade d'Hyères Map
FR9301615 France Basses gorges du Verdon Map
FR9301616 France Grand canyon du Verdon - plateau de la Palud Map
FR9301618 France Sources et tufs du Haut Var Map
FR9301620 France Plaine de Vergelin-Fontigon - gorges de Châteaudouble - bois des Clappes Map
FR9301621 France Marais de Gavoty - lac de Bonne Cougne - lac Redon Map
FR9301622 France La plaine et le massif des Maures Map
FR9301624 France Corniche Varoise Map
FR9301625 France Forêt de Palayson - bois du Rouet Map
FR9301626 France Val d'Argens Map
FR9301627 France Embouchure de l'Argens Map
FR9301628 France Esterel Map
FR9302003 France Gorges de la Nesque Map
FR9302005 France La Bendola Map
FR9302007 France Valensole Map
FR9302008 France Vachères Map
FR9400568 France Cap Corse nord et île Finocchiarola, Giraglia et Capense (côte de Macinaggio à Centuri) Map
FR9400569 France Crêtes du Cap corse, vallon de Sisco Map
FR9400570 France Agriates Map
FR9400571 France Étang de Biguglia Map
FR9400573 France Massif du San Pedrone (Castagniccia) Map
FR9400574 France Porto/Scandola/Revellata/Calvi/Calanches de Piana (zone terrestre et marine) Map
FR9400575 France Caporalino Monte Sant Angelo di Lano-Pianu Maggiore Map
FR9400576 France Massif montagneux du Cinto Map
FR9400577 France Rivière et vallée du Fango Map
FR9400578 France Massif du Rotondo Map
FR9400580 France Marais del Sale, zones humides périphériques et forêt littorale de Pinia Map
FR9400582 France Plateau du Coscione et massif de l'Incudine Map
FR9400583 France Forêt de l'Ospedale Map
FR9400587 France Iles Cerbicale et frange littoral Map
FR9400588 France Suberaie de Ceccia/Porto-Vecchio Map
FR9400592 France Ventilegne-la Trinite de Bonifacio-Fazzio Map
FR9400593 France Roccapina-Ortolo Map
FR9400598 France Massif du Tenda et forêt de Stella Map
FR9400602 France Basse vallée du Tavignano Map
FR9400603 France Rivière de la Solenzara Map
FR9400607 France Baie de San Ciprianu : étangs d'Arasu et îles San Ciprianu et ilot Cornuta Map
FR9400609 France Iles et pointe Bruzzi, étangs de Chevanu et d'Arbitru Map
FR9400611 France Massif du Renoso Map
FR9400615 France Delta de l'Oso, punta di Benedettu et Mura dell'Unda Map
FR9400617 France Dunes de Prunete-Canniccia Map
FR9400618 France Marais et tourbières du Valdo et de Baglietto Map
FR9402001 France Campomoro-Senetosa Map
FR9402003 France Forêt territoriale du Fium'Orbu (partie sud-est) Map
FR9402004 France Chênaie verte et junipéraie de la Tartagine Map
FR9402005 France Chataîgneraies et ruiseaux de Castagniccia Map
FR9402007 France Site à Botrychium simple et châtaigneraies du Bozzio Map
FR9402009 France Mare temporaire de Musella/Bonifacio Map
FR9402012 France Capo di feno Map
GR1250001 Greece OROS OLYMPOS Map
GR2120004 Greece STENA KALAMA Map
GR2310005 Greece OROS VARASOVA Map
GR2330002 Greece OROPEDIO FOLOIS Map
GR2440006 Greece OROS KALLIDROMO Map
GR2520001 Greece OROS MAINALO Map
GR2540005 Greece LAGKADA TRYPIS Map
HR2000522 Croatia Luka Budava - Istra Map
HR2000898 Croatia Šuma crnike na Grguru Map
HR2000918 Croatia Šire područje NP Krka Map
HR2000937 Croatia Vidova gora Map
HR2001097 Croatia Biševo kopno Map
HR2001343 Croatia Područje oko špilje Duboška pazuha Map
HR2001358 Croatia Otok Cres Map
HR2001359 Croatia Otok Rab Map
HR2001364 Croatia JI dio Pelješca Map
HR2001367 Croatia I dio Korčule Map
HR2001421 Croatia Hvar od Pokrvenika do uvale Bristova Map
HR2001422 Croatia Hvar Golubiničin rat - Rat Velog Strvnja Map
HR2001423 Croatia Hvar - od Plane do Veprinove glavice Map
HR2001424 Croatia Hvar - od Križišća do Tavna špilje Map
HR2001425 Croatia Hvar - od Prapratna do Karnjakuše Map
HR2001427 Croatia Hvar - šume kod Starigrada Map
HR2001428 Croatia Hvar - od Maslinice do Grebišća Map
HR4000017 Croatia Lokrum Map
HR4000028 Croatia Elafiti Map
HR5000037 Croatia Nacionalni park Mljet Map
HR5000038 Croatia Park prirode Lastovsko otočje Map
IT1315380 Italy Testa d'Alpe - Alto Map
IT1315407 Italy Monte Ceppo Map
IT1315408 Italy Lecceta di Langan Map
IT1315421 Italy Monte Toraggio - Monte Pietravecchia Map
IT1315481 Italy Ceppo Tomena Map
IT1315503 Italy Monte Carpasina Map
IT1315714 Italy Monte Abellio Map
IT1315716 Italy Roverino Map
IT1315717 Italy Monte Grammondo - Torrente Bevera Map
IT1315719 Italy Torrente Nervia Map
IT1315805 Italy Bassa Valle Armea Map
IT1315806 Italy Monte Nero - Monte Bignone Map
IT1316118 Italy Capo Mortola Map
IT1322304 Italy Rocca dell'Adelasia Map
IT1323112 Italy Monte Carmo - Monte Settepani Map
IT1323201 Italy Finalese - Capo Noli Map
IT1323203 Italy Rocca dei Corvi - Mao - Mortou Map
IT1324007 Italy Monte Ciazze Secche Map
IT1324011 Italy Monte Ravinet - Rocca Barbena Map
IT1324818 Italy Castell'Ermo - Peso Grande Map
IT1324908 Italy Isola Gallinara Map
IT1324910 Italy Monte Acuto - Poggio Grande - Rio Torsero Map
IT1331402 Italy Beigua - Monte Dente - Gargassa - Pavaglione Map
IT1331501 Italy Praglia - Pracaban - Monte Leco - Punta Martin Map
IT1331578 Italy Beigua - Turchino Map
IT1331615 Italy Monte Gazzo Map
IT1331718 Italy Monte Fasce Map
IT1331721 Italy Val Noci - Torrente Geirato - Alpesisa Map
IT1331909 Italy Monte Zatta - Passo Bocco - Passo Chiapparino - Monte Bossea Map
IT1332603 Italy Parco di Portofino Map
IT1332614 Italy Pineta - Lecceta di Chiavari Map
IT1332622 Italy Rio Tuia - Montallegro Map
IT1332717 Italy Foce e medio corso del Fiume Entella Map
IT1333307 Italy Punta Baffe - Punta Moneglia - Val Petronio Map
IT1333308 Italy Punta Manara Map
IT1342806 Italy Monte Verruga - Monte Zenone - Roccagrande - Monte Pu Map
IT1343412 Italy Deiva - Bracco - Pietra di Vasca - Mola Map
IT1343415 Italy Guaitarola Map
IT1343419 Italy Monte Serro Map
IT1344210 Italy Punta Mesco Map
IT1344216 Italy Costa di Bonassola - Framura Map
IT1344323 Italy Costa Riomaggiore - Monterosso Map
IT1344422 Italy Brina e Nuda di Ponzano Map
IT1345005 Italy Portovenere - Riomaggiore - S. Benedetto Map
IT1345103 Italy Isole Tino - Tinetto Map
IT1345104 Italy Isola Palmaria Map
IT1345109 Italy Montemarcello Map
IT1345114 Italy Costa di Maralunga Map
IT2070015 Italy Monte Cas - Cima di Corlor Map
IT2070016 Italy Cima Comer Map
IT2070402 Italy Alto Garda Bresciano Map
IT3120055 Italy Lago di Toblino Map
IT3120075 Italy Monte Brione Map
IT3120079 Italy Lago di Loppio Map
IT3120115 Italy Monte Brento Map
IT3210004 Italy Monte Luppia e P.ta San Vigilio Map
IT3210039 Italy Monte Baldo Ovest Map
IT3250032 Italy Bosco Nordio Map
IT3250033 Italy Laguna di Caorle - Foce del Tagliamento Map
IT3250040 Italy Foce del Tagliamento Map
IT3250041 Italy Valle Vecchia - Zumelle - Valli di Bibione Map
IT3270004 Italy Dune di Rosolina e Volto Map
IT3270017 Italy Delta del Po: tratto terminale e delta veneto Map
IT3270023 Italy Delta del Po Map
IT3340006 Italy Carso Triestino e Goriziano Map
IT3341002 Italy Aree Carsiche della Venezia Giulia Map
IT4050001 Italy Gessi Bolognesi, Calanchi dell'Abbadessa Map
IT4050003 Italy Monte Sole Map
IT4050011 Italy Media Valle del Sillaro Map
IT4050012 Italy Contrafforte Pliocenico Map
IT4050013 Italy Monte Vigese Map
IT4050014 Italy Monte Radicchio, Rupe di Calvenzano Map
IT4050027 Italy Gessi di Monte Rocca, Monte Capra e Tizzano Map
IT4060003 Italy Vene di Bellocchio, Sacca di Bellocchio, Foce del Fiume Reno, Pineta di Bellocchio Map
IT4060004 Italy Valle Bertuzzi, Valle Porticino - Canneviè Map
IT4060005 Italy Sacca di Goro, Po di Goro, Valle Dindona, Foce del Po di Volano Map
IT4060007 Italy Bosco di Volano Map
IT4060012 Italy Dune di San Giuseppe Map
IT4060015 Italy Bosco della Mesola, Bosco Panfilia, Bosco di Santa Giustina, Valle Falce, La Goara Map
IT4070003 Italy Pineta di San Vitale, Bassa del Pirottolo Map
IT4070005 Italy Pineta di Casalborsetti, Pineta Staggioni, Duna di Porto Corsini Map
IT4070006 Italy Pialassa dei Piomboni, Pineta di Punta Marina Map
IT4070008 Italy Pineta di Cervia Map
IT4070010 Italy Pineta di Classe Map
IT4070011 Italy Vena del Gesso Romagnola Map
IT4080003 Italy Monte Gemelli, Monte Guffone Map
IT4080007 Italy Pietramora, Ceparano, Rio Cozzi Map
IT4080009 Italy Selva di Ladino, Fiume Montone, Terra del Sole Map
IT4080011 Italy Rami del Bidente, Monte Marino Map
IT4080013 Italy Montetiffi, Alto Uso Map
IT4080014 Italy Rio Mattero e Rio Cuneo Map
IT4090002 Italy Torriana, Montebello, Fiume Marecchia Map
IT4090003 Italy Rupi e Gessi della Valmarecchia Map
IT5110008 Italy Monte Borla - Rocca di Tenerano Map
IT5120003 Italy Parco dell'Orecchiella - Pania di Corfino - Lamarossa Map
IT5120006 Italy Monte Prato Fiorito - Monte Coronato - Valle dello Scesta Map
IT5120010 Italy Valle del Serra - Monte Altissimo Map
IT5120011 Italy Valle del Giardino Map
IT5120015 Italy Praterie primarie e secondarie delle Apuane Map
IT5120016 Italy Macchia lucchese Map
IT5120019 Italy Monte Pisano Map
IT5140008 Italy Monte Morello Map
IT5140011 Italy Stagni della Piana Fiorentina e Pratese Map
IT5150002 Italy Monte Ferrato e Monte Iavello Map
IT5160002 Italy Isola di Gorgona - area terrestre e marina Map
IT5160004 Italy Padule di Bolgheri Map
IT5160005 Italy Boschi di Bolgheri, Bibbona e Castiglioncello Map
IT5160006 Italy Isola di Capraia - area terrestre e marina Map
IT5160008 Italy Monte Calvi di Campiglia Map
IT5160009 Italy Promontorio di Piombino e Monte Massoncello Map
IT5160012 Italy Monte Capanne e promontorio dell'Enfola Map
IT5160013 Italy Isola di Pianosa - area terrestre e marina Map
IT5160102 Italy Elba orientale Map
IT5170002 Italy Selva Pisana Map
IT5170005 Italy Montenero Map
IT5170006 Italy Macchia di Tatti - Berignone Map
IT5170007 Italy Fiume Cecina da Berignone a Ponteginori Map
IT5170008 Italy Complesso di Monterufoli Map
IT5170010 Italy Boschi di Germagnana e Montalto Map
IT5180012 Italy Valle dell'Inferno e Bandella Map
IT5180015 Italy Bosco di Sargiano Map
IT5190001 Italy Castelvecchio Map
IT5190003 Italy Montagnola Senese Map
IT5190005 Italy Monte Oliveto Maggiore e Crete di Asciano Map
IT5190006 Italy Alta Val di Merse Map
IT5190007 Italy Basso Merse Map
IT5190012 Italy Monte Cetona Map
IT5190014 Italy Ripa d'Orcia Map
IT51A0001 Italy Cornate e Fosini Map
IT51A0002 Italy Poggi di Prata Map
IT51A0003 Italy Val di Farma Map
IT51A0004 Italy Poggio Tre Cancelli Map
IT51A0005 Italy Lago dell'Accesa Map
IT51A0007 Italy Punta Ala e Isolotto dello Sparviero Map
IT51A0008 Italy Monte d'Alma Map
IT51A0009 Italy Monte Leoni Map
IT51A0010 Italy Poggio di Moscona Map
IT51A0015 Italy Dune costiere del Parco dell'Uccellina Map
IT51A0016 Italy Monti dell'Uccellina Map
IT51A0018 Italy Monte Labbro e alta valle dell'Albegna Map
IT51A0019 Italy Alto corso del Fiume Fiora Map
IT51A0021 Italy Medio corso del Fiume Albegna Map
IT51A0023 Italy Isola del Giglio Map
IT51A0024 Italy Isola di Giannutri - area terrestre e marina Map
IT51A0025 Italy Monte Argentario, Isolotto di Porto Ercole e Argentarola Map
IT51A0029 Italy Boschi delle Colline di Capalbio Map
IT51A0031 Italy Lago di Burano Map
IT51A0032 Italy Duna del Lago di Burano Map
IT51A0033 Italy Lago di Burano Map
IT51A0036 Italy Pianure del Parco della Maremma Map
IT5210005 Italy Gola del Corno di Catria Map
IT5210008 Italy Valle del Rio Freddo (Monte Cucco) Map
IT5210010 Italy Le Gorghe Map
IT5210014 Italy Monti Maggio - Nero (sommità) Map
IT5210015 Italy Valle del Torrente Nese - Monti Acuto - Corona Map
IT5210017 Italy Boschi di Pischiello - Torre Civitella Map
IT5210018 Italy Lago Trasimeno Map
IT5210021 Italy Monte Malbe Map
IT5210025 Italy Ansa degli Ornari (Perugia) Map
IT5210026 Italy Monti Marzolana - Montali Map
IT5210029 Italy Boschi e brughiere di Cima Farneto - Poggio Fiorello (Mugnano) Map
IT5210030 Italy Fosso dell'Eremo delle Carceri (Monte Subasio) Map
IT5210035 Italy Poggio Caselle - Fosso Renaro (Monte Subasio) Map
IT5210038 Italy Sasso di Pale Map
IT5210042 Italy Lecceta di Sassovivo (Foligno) Map
IT5210045 Italy Fiume Vigi Map
IT5210046 Italy Valnerina Map
IT5210047 Italy Monti Serano - Brunette (sommità) Map
IT5210050 Italy Valle di Pettino (Campello sul Clitunno) Map
IT5210055 Italy Gola del Corno - Stretta di Biselli Map
IT5210057 Italy Fosso di Camposolo Map
IT5210058 Italy Monti Galloro - dell'Immagine Map
IT5210060 Italy Monte Il Cerchio (Monti Martani) Map
IT5210062 Italy Monte Maggio (sommità) Map
IT5210064 Italy Monteluco di Spoleto Map
IT5210066 Italy Media Val Casana (Monti Coscerno - Civitella) Map
IT5210070 Italy Lago Trasimeno Map
IT5210071 Italy Monti Sibillini (versante umbro) Map
IT5210077 Italy Boschi a Farnetto di Collestrada (Perugia) Map
IT5210078 Italy Colline Premartane (Bettona - Gualdo Cattaneo) Map
IT5220003 Italy Bosco dell'Elmo (Monte Peglia) Map
IT5220004 Italy Boschi di Prodo - Corbara Map
IT5220006 Italy Gola del Forello Map
IT5220007 Italy Valle Pasquarella (Baschi) Map
IT5220008 Italy Monti Amerini Map
IT5220010 Italy Monte Solenne (Valnerina) Map
IT5220013 Italy Monte Torre Maggiore (Monti Martani) Map
IT5220014 Italy Valle del Serra (Monti Martani) Map
IT5220015 Italy Fosso Salto del Cieco (Ferentillo) Map
IT5220017 Italy Cascata delle Marmore Map
IT5220018 Italy Lago di Piediluco - Monte Caperno Map
IT5220019 Italy Lago l'Aia (Narni) Map
IT5220020 Italy Gole di Narni - Stifone Map
IT5220023 Italy Monti San Pancrazio - Oriolo Map
IT5220024 Italy Valle del Tevere: Laghi di Corbara - Alviano Map
IT5220025 Italy Bassa Valnerina: Monte Fionchi - Cascata delle Marmore Map
IT5220026 Italy Lago di Piediluco - Monte Maro Map
IT5220027 Italy Lago dell'Aia (Narni) Map
IT5310016 Italy Gola del Furlo Map
IT5310017 Italy Monte Nerone - Gola di Gorgo a Cerbara Map
IT5310019 Italy Monte Catria, Monte Acuto Map
IT5310029 Italy Furlo Map
IT5310030 Italy Monte Nerone e Monti di Montiego Map
IT5310031 Italy Monte Catria, Monte Acuto e Monte della Strega Map
IT5320001 Italy Monte lo Spicchio - Monte Columeo - Valle di S. Pietro Map
IT5320002 Italy Valle Scappuccia Map
IT5320003 Italy Gola di Frasassi Map
IT5320004 Italy Gola della Rossa Map
IT5320005 Italy Costa tra Ancona e Portonovo Map
IT5320006 Italy Portonovo e falesia calcarea a mare Map
IT5320007 Italy Monte Conero Map
IT5320010 Italy Monte Maggio - Valle dell'Abbadia Map
IT5320011 Italy Monte Puro - Rogedano - Valleremita Map
IT5320012 Italy Valle Vite - Valle dell'Acquarella Map
IT5320013 Italy Faggeto di San Silvestro Map
IT5320014 Italy Monte Nero e Serra Santa Map
IT5320015 Italy Monte Conero Map
IT5320016 Italy Valle Scappuccia Map
IT5320017 Italy Gola della Rossa e di Frasassi Map
IT5320018 Italy Monte Cucco e Monte Columeo Map
IT5330002 Italy Val di Fibbia - Valle dell'Acquasanta Map
IT5330005 Italy Monte Castel Manardo - Tre Santi Map
IT5330009 Italy Monte Giuoco del Pallone - Monte Cafaggio Map
IT5330011 Italy Monte Letegge - Monte d'Aria Map
IT5330012 Italy Macchia di Montenero Map
IT5330016 Italy Gola di S. Eustachio Map
IT5330017 Italy Gola del Fiastrone Map
IT5330018 Italy Gola di Pioraco Map
IT5330023 Italy Gola della Valnerina - Monte Fema Map
IT5330025 Italy Monte San Vicino e Monte Canfaito Map
IT5330026 Italy Monte Giuoco del Pallone Map
IT5330027 Italy Gola di Sant'Eustachio, Monte d'Aria e Monte Letegge Map
IT5330028 Italy Valle Scurosa, Piano di Montelago e Gola di Pioraco Map
IT5330029 Italy Dalla Gola del Fiastrone al Monte Vettore Map
IT5330030 Italy Valnerina, Montagna di Torricchio, Monte Fema e Monte Cavallo Map
IT5340002 Italy Boschi tra Cupramarittima e Ripatransone Map
IT5340003 Italy Monte dell'Ascensione Map
IT5340005 Italy Ponte d'Arli Map
IT5340006 Italy Lecceto d'Acquasanta Map
IT5340018 Italy Fiume Tronto tra Favalanciata e Acquasanta Map
IT5340020 Italy Valle dell'Infernaccio - Monte Sibilla Map
IT5340021 Italy Monte dell'Ascensione Map
IT6010016 Italy Monti di Castro Map
IT6010017 Italy Sistema fluviale Fiora - Olpeta Map
IT6010018 Italy Litorale a nord ovest delle Foci del Fiora Map
IT6010019 Italy Pian dei Cangani Map
IT6010027 Italy Litorale tra Tarquinia e Montalto di Castro Map
IT6010041 Italy Isole Bisentina e Martana Map
IT6010055 Italy Lago di Bolsena, Isole Bisentina e Martana Map
IT6010056 Italy Selva del Lamone e Monti di Castro Map
IT6020012 Italy Piana di S. Vittorino - Sorgenti del Peschiera Map
IT6020016 Italy Bosco Pago Map
IT6020017 Italy Monte Tancia e Monte Pizzuto Map
IT6020018 Italy Fiume Farfa (corso medio - alto) Map
IT6020019 Italy Monte degli Elci e Monte Grottone Map
IT6020024 Italy Lecceta del Convento Francescano di Greccio Map
IT6020026 Italy Forre alveali dell'Alta Sabina Map
IT6030005 Italy Comprensorio Tolfetano-Cerite-Manziate Map
IT6030006 Italy Monte Tosto Map
IT6030007 Italy Monte Paparano Map
IT6030014 Italy Monte Soratte Map
IT6030023 Italy Macchia Grande di Focene e Macchia dello Stagneto Map
IT6030025 Italy Macchia Grande di Ponte Galeria Map
IT6030037 Italy Monti Ruffi (versante sud ovest) Map
IT6030041 Italy Monte Semprevisa e Pian della Faggeta Map
IT6030042 Italy Alta Valle del Torrente Rio Map
IT6030043 Italy Monti Lepini Map
IT6030045 Italy Lido dei Gigli Map
IT6030046 Italy Tor Caldara (zona solfatare e fossi) Map
IT6040004 Italy Bosco Polverino Map
IT6040005 Italy Sugherete di S. Vito e Valle Marina Map
IT6040006 Italy Monti Ausoni meridionali Map
IT6040007 Italy Monte Leano Map
IT6040012 Italy Laghi Fogliano, Monaci, Caprolace e Pantani dell'Inferno Map
IT6040013 Italy Lago di Sabaudia Map
IT6040015 Italy Parco Nazionale del Circeo Map
IT6040016 Italy Promontorio del Circeo (Quarto Caldo) Map
IT6040017 Italy Promontorio del Circeo (Quarto Freddo) Map
IT6040018 Italy Dune del Circeo Map
IT6040019 Italy Isole di Ponza, Palmarola, Zannone, Ventotene e S. Stefano Map
IT6040020 Italy Isole di Palmarola e Zannone Map
IT6040043 Italy Monti Ausoni e Aurunci Map
IT6050001 Italy Versante meridionale del Monte Scalambra Map
IT6050005 Italy Alta Valle del Fiume Aniene Map
IT6050008 Italy Monti Simbruini ed Ernici Map
IT6050021 Italy Monte Caccume Map
IT6050026 Italy Parete del Monte Fammera Map
IT6050027 Italy Gole del Fiume Melfa Map
IT6050028 Italy Massiccio del Monte Cairo (aree sommitali) Map
IT7110096 Italy Gole di San Venanzio Map
IT7110128 Italy Parco Nazionale Gran Sasso - Monti della Laga Map
IT7110130 Italy Sirente Velino Map
IT7110205 Italy Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo Map
IT7110209 Italy Primo tratto del Fiume Tirino e Macchiozze di San Vito Map
IT7120082 Italy Fiume Vomano (da Cusciano a Villa Vomano) Map
IT7120132 Italy Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise ed aree limitrofe Map
IT7130024 Italy Monte Picca - Monte di Roccatagliata Map
IT7140106 Italy Fosso delle Farfalle (sublitorale chietino) Map
IT7140107 Italy Lecceta litoranea di Torino di Sangro e foce del Fiume Sangro Map
IT7140118 Italy Lecceta di Casoli e Bosco di Colleforeste Map
IT7140126 Italy Gessi di Lentella Map
IT7140129 Italy Parco Nazionale della Maiella Map
IT7140203 Italy Maiella Map
IT7140211 Italy Monte Pallano e Lecceta d'Isca d'Archi Map
IT7140214 Italy Gole di Pennadomo e Torricella Peligna Map
IT7211115 Italy Pineta di Isernia Map
IT7212125 Italy Pesche - MonteTotila Map
IT7212130 Italy Bosco La Difesa - C. Lucina - La Romana Map
IT7212168 Italy Valle Porcina - Torrente Vandra - Cesarata Map
IT7212169 Italy Monte S. Paolo - Monte La Falconara Map
IT7222124 Italy Vallone S. Maria Map
IT7222127 Italy Fiume Trigno (confluenza Verrino - Castellelce) Map
IT7222217 Italy Foce Saccione - Bonifica Ramitelli Map
IT7222249 Italy Lago di Guardialfiera - M. Peloso Map
IT7222253 Italy Bosco Ficarola Map
IT7222287 Italy La Gallinola - Monte Miletto - Monti del Matese Map
IT8010004 Italy Bosco di S. Silvestro Map
IT8010005 Italy Catena di Monte Cesima Map
IT8010013 Italy Matese Casertano Map
IT8010015 Italy Monte Massico Map
IT8010016 Italy Monte Tifata Map
IT8010017 Italy Monti di Mignano Montelungo Map
IT8010019 Italy Pineta della Foce del Garigliano Map
IT8010021 Italy Pineta di Patria Map
IT8010026 Italy Matese Map
IT8030003 Italy Collina dei Camaldoli Map
IT8030005 Italy Corpo centrale dell'Isola di Ischia Map
IT8030006 Italy Costiera amalfitana tra Nerano e Positano Map
IT8030007 Italy Cratere di Astroni Map
IT8030008 Italy Dorsale dei Monti Lattari Map
IT8030009 Italy Foce di Licola Map
IT8030012 Italy Isola di Vivara Map
IT8030038 Italy Corpo centrale e rupi costiere occidentali dell'Isola di Capri Map
IT8030039 Italy Settore e rupi costiere orientali dell'Isola di Capri Map
IT8040006 Italy Dorsale dei Monti del Partenio Map
IT8040011 Italy Monte Terminio Map
IT8040021 Italy Picentini Map
IT8050009 Italy Costiera amalfitana tra Maiori e il Torrente Bonea Map
IT8050022 Italy Montagne di Casalbuono Map
IT8050023 Italy Monte Bulgheria Map
IT8050024 Italy Monte Cervati, Centaurino e Montagne di Laurino Map
IT8050026 Italy Monte Licosa e dintorni Map
IT8050031 Italy Monte Soprano e Monte Vesole Map
IT8050032 Italy Monte Tresino e dintorni Map
IT8050033 Italy Monti Alburni Map
IT8050045 Italy Sorgenti del Vallone delle Ferriere di Amalfi Map
IT8050046 Italy Monte Cervati e dintorni Map
IT8050048 Italy Costa tra Punta Tresino e le Ripe Rosse Map
IT8050050 Italy Monte Sottano Map
IT8050051 Italy Valloni della Costiera Amalfitana Map
IT8050053 Italy Monti Soprano, Vesole e Gole del Fiume Calore Salernitano Map
IT8050054 Italy Costiera Amalfitana tra Maiori e il Torrente Bonea Map
IT8050055 Italy Alburni Map
IT9110008 Italy Valloni e Steppe Pedegarganiche Map
IT9110015 Italy Duna e Lago di Lesina - Foce del Fortore Map
IT9110027 Italy Bosco Jancuglia - Monte Castello Map
IT9110030 Italy Bosco Quarto - Monte Spigno Map
IT9110033 Italy Accadia - Deliceto Map
IT9120002 Italy Murgia dei Trulli Map
IT9130001 Italy Torre Colimena Map
IT9130005 Italy Murgia di Sud - Est Map
IT9130007 Italy Area delle Gravine Map
IT9140001 Italy Bosco Tramazzone Map
IT9140005 Italy Torre Guaceto e Macchia S. Giovanni Map
IT9140007 Italy Bosco Curtipetrizzi Map
IT9140008 Italy Torre Guaceto Map
IT9150001 Italy Bosco Guarini Map
IT9150006 Italy Rauccio Map
IT9150014 Italy Le Cesine Map
IT9150016 Italy Bosco di Otranto Map
IT9150017 Italy Bosco Chiuso di Presicce Map
IT9150018 Italy Bosco Serra dei Cianci Map
IT9150019 Italy Parco delle Querce di Castro Map
IT9150021 Italy Bosco le Chiuse Map
IT9150023 Italy Bosco Danieli Map
IT9150029 Italy Bosco di Cervalora Map
IT9150030 Italy Bosco La Lizza e Macchia del Pagliarone Map
IT9150032 Italy Le Cesine Map
IT9150036 Italy Lago del Capraro Map
IT9210015 Italy Acquafredda di Maratea Map
IT9210025 Italy Bosco della Farneta Map
IT9210045 Italy Bosco Mangarrone (Rivello) Map
IT9210143 Italy Lago Pertusillo Map
IT9210150 Italy Monte Coccovello - Monte Crivo - Monte Crive Map
IT9210155 Italy Marina di Castrocucco Map
IT9210160 Italy Isola di S. Ianni e Costa Prospiciente Map
IT9210165 Italy Monte Alpi - Malboschetto di Latronico Map
IT9210195 Italy Monte Raparo Map
IT9210220 Italy Murge di S. Oronzio Map
IT9210265 Italy Valle del Noce Map
IT9210271 Italy Appennino Lucano, Valle Agri, Monte Sirino, Monte Raparo Map
IT9220130 Italy Foresta Gallipoli - Cognato Map
IT9220135 Italy Gravine di Matera Map
IT9220144 Italy Lago S. Giuliano e Timmari Map
IT9310007 Italy Valle Piana-Valle Cupa Map
IT9310008 Italy La Petrosa Map
IT9310009 Italy Timpone di Porace Map
IT9310012 Italy Timpa di S.Lorenzo Map
IT9310017 Italy Gole del Raganello Map
IT9310022 Italy Piano di Marco Map
IT9310023 Italy Valle del Fiume Argentino Map
IT9310025 Italy Valle del Fiume Lao Map
IT9310027 Italy Fiume Rosa Map
IT9310028 Italy Valle del Fiume Abatemarco Map
IT9310031 Italy Valle del Fiume Esaro Map
IT9310032 Italy Serrapodolo Map
IT9310034 Italy Isola di Dino Map
IT9310041 Italy Pinete di Montegiordano Map
IT9310042 Italy Fiumara Saraceno Map
IT9310047 Italy Fiumara Trionto Map
IT9310049 Italy Farnito di Corigliano Calabro Map
IT9310054 Italy Torrente Celati Map
IT9310055 Italy Lago di Tarsia Map
IT9310067 Italy Foreste Rossanesi Map
IT9310068 Italy Vallone S. Elia Map
IT9310069 Italy Parco Nazionale della Calabria Map
IT9310303 Italy Pollino e Orsomarso Map
IT9310304 Italy Alto Ionio Cosentino Map
IT9320050 Italy Pescaldo Map
IT9320110 Italy Monte Fuscaldo Map
IT9320111 Italy Timpa di Cassiano- Belvedere Map
IT9320112 Italy Murgie di Strongoli Map
IT9320122 Italy Fiume Lese Map
IT9320123 Italy Fiume Lepre Map
IT9320302 Italy Marchesato e Fiume Neto Map
IT9330109 Italy Madama Lucrezia Map
IT9330117 Italy Pinete del Roncino Map
IT9330185 Italy Valle Uria Map
IT9340086 Italy Lago dell'Angitola Map
IT9340090 Italy Fiumara di Brattirò (Valle Ruffa) Map
IT9340091 Italy Zona costiera fra Briatico e Nicotera Map
IT9350121 Italy Bosco di Stilo - Bosco Archiforo Map
IT9350134 Italy Canolo Nuovo, Zomaro, Zillastro Map
IT9350135 Italy Vallata del Novito e Monte Mutolo Map
IT9350136 Italy Vallata dello Stilaro Map
IT9350137 Italy Prateria Map
IT9350145 Italy Fiumara Amendolea (incluso Roghudi, Chorio e Rota Greco) Map
IT9350146 Italy Fiumara Buonamico Map
IT9350147 Italy Fiumara Laverde Map
IT9350152 Italy Piani di Zervò Map
IT9350156 Italy Vallone Cerasella Map
IT9350158 Italy Costa Viola e Monte S. Elia Map
IT9350159 Italy Bosco di Rudina Map
IT9350161 Italy Torrente Lago Map
IT9350162 Italy Torrente S. Giuseppe Map
IT9350163 Italy Pietra Cappa - Pietra Lunga - Pietra Castello Map
IT9350164 Italy Torrente Vasi Map
IT9350165 Italy Torrente Portello Map
IT9350166 Italy Vallone Fusolano (Cinquefrondi) Map
IT9350167 Italy Valle Moio (Delianova) Map
IT9350168 Italy Fosso Cavaliere (Cittanova) Map
IT9350174 Italy Monte Tre Pizzi Map
IT9350175 Italy Piano Abbruschiato Map
IT9350176 Italy Monte Campanaro Map
IT9350177 Italy Monte Scrisi Map
IT9350178 Italy Serro d'Ustra e Fiumara Butrano Map
IT9350179 Italy Alica Map
IT9350181 Italy Monte Embrisi e Monte Torrione Map
IT9350300 Italy Costa Viola Map
ITA010002 Italy Isola di Marettimo Map
ITA010005 Italy Laghetti di Preola e Gorghi Tondi e Sciare di Mazara Map
ITA010009 Italy Monte Bonifato Map
ITA010010 Italy Monte San Giuliano Map
ITA010014 Italy Sciare di Marsala Map
ITA010015 Italy Complesso Monti di Castellammare del Golfo (TP) Map
ITA010016 Italy Monte Cofano e Litorale Map
ITA010017 Italy Capo San Vito, Monte Monaco, Zingaro, Faraglioni Scopello, Monte Sparacio Map
ITA010018 Italy Foce del Torrente Calatubo e dune Map
ITA010019 Italy Isola di Pantelleria: Montagna Grande e Monte Gibele Map
ITA010020 Italy Isola di Pantelleria - Area Costiera, Falesie e Bagno dell'Acqua Map
ITA010023 Italy Montagna Grande di Salemi Map
ITA010027 Italy Arcipelago delle Egadi - area marina e terrestre Map
ITA010029 Italy Monte Cofano, Capo San Vito e Monte Sparagio Map
ITA010030 Italy Isola di Pantelleria e area marina circostante Map
ITA010031 Italy Laghetti di Preola e Gorghi Tondi, Sciare di Mazara e Pantano Leone Map
ITA020002 Italy Boschi di Gibilmanna e Cefalù Map
ITA020003 Italy Boschi di San Mauro Castelverde Map
ITA020004 Italy Monte S. Salvatore, Monte Catarineci, Vallone Mandarini, ambienti umidi Map
ITA020006 Italy Capo Gallo Map
ITA020007 Italy Boschi Ficuzza e Cappelliere, Vallone Cerasa, Castagneti Mezzojuso Map
ITA020008 Italy Rocca Busambra e Rocche di Rao Map
ITA020011 Italy Rocche di Castronuovo, Pizzo Lupo, Gurghi di S. Andrea Map
ITA020012 Italy Valle del Fiume Oreto Map
ITA020014 Italy Monte Pellegrino Map
ITA020016 Italy Monte Quacella, Monte dei Cervi, Pizzo Carbonara, Monte Ferro, Pizzo Otiero Map
ITA020017 Italy Complesso Pizzo Dipilo e Querceti su calcare Map
ITA020018 Italy Foce del Fiume Pollina e Monte Tardara Map
ITA020019 Italy Rupi di Catalfano e Capo Zafferano Map
ITA020020 Italy Querceti sempreverdi di Geraci Siculo e Castelbuono Map
ITA020021 Italy Montagna Longa, Pizzo Montanello Map
ITA020022 Italy Calanchi, lembi boschivi e praterie di Riena Map
ITA020023 Italy Raffo Rosso, Monte Cuccio e Vallone Sagana Map
ITA020025 Italy Bosco di S. Adriano Map
ITA020026 Italy Monte Pizzuta, Costa del Carpineto, Moarda Map
ITA020027 Italy Monte Iato, Kumeta, Maganoce e Pizzo Parrino Map
ITA020028 Italy Serra del Leone e Monte Stagnataro Map
ITA020029 Italy Monte Rose e Monte Pernice Map
ITA020030 Italy Monte Matassaro, Monte Gradara e Monte Signora Map
ITA020031 Italy Monte d'Indisi, Montagna dei Cavalli, Pizzo Pontorno e Pian del Leone Map
ITA020033 Italy Monte San Calogero (Termini Imerese) Map
ITA020034 Italy Monte Carcaci, Pizzo Colobria e ambienti umidi Map
ITA020035 Italy Monte Genuardo e Santa Maria del Bosco Map
ITA020036 Italy Monte Triona e Monte Colomba Map
ITA020037 Italy Monti Barracù, Cardelia, Pizzo Cangialosi e Gole del Torrente Corleone Map
ITA020039 Italy Monte Cane, Pizzo Selva a Mare, Monte Trigna Map
ITA020043 Italy Monte Rosamarina e Cozzo Famò Map
ITA020044 Italy Monte Grifone Map
ITA020045 Italy Rocca di Sciara Map
ITA020048 Italy Monti Sicani, Rocca Busambra e Bosco della Ficuzza Map
ITA020049 Italy Monte Pecoraro e Pizzo Cirina Map
ITA020050 Italy Parco delle Madonie Map
ITA030001 Italy Stretta di Longi Map
ITA030002 Italy Torrente Fiumetto e Pizzo d'Uncina Map
ITA030003 Italy Rupi di Taormina e Monte Veneretta Map
ITA030006 Italy Rocca di Novara Map
ITA030009 Italy Pizzo Mualio, Montagna di Vernà Map
ITA030010 Italy Fiume Fiumedinisi, Monte Scuderi Map
ITA030011 Italy Dorsale Curcuraci, Antennamare Map
ITA030013 Italy Rocche di Alcara Li Fusi Map
ITA030014 Italy Pizzo Fau, Monte Pomiere, Pizzo Bidi e Serra della Testa Map
ITA030015 Italy Valle del Fiume Caronia, Lago Zilio Map
ITA030016 Italy Pizzo della Battaglia Map
ITA030017 Italy Vallone Laccaretta e Urio Quattrocchi Map
ITA030018 Italy Pizzo Michele Map
ITA030019 Italy Tratto Montano del Bacino della Fiumara di Agrò Map
ITA030020 Italy Fiume San Paolo Map
ITA030021 Italy Torrente San Cataldo Map
ITA030022 Italy Lecceta di S. Fratello Map
ITA030023 Italy Isola di Alicudi Map
ITA030026 Italy Isole di Stromboli e Strombolicchio Map
ITA030027 Italy Isola di Vulcano Map
ITA030028 Italy Isola di Salina (Monte Fossa delle Felci e dei Porri) Map
ITA030030 Italy Isola di Lipari Map
ITA030034 Italy Rocche di Roccella Valdemone Map
ITA030035 Italy Alta Valle del Fiume Alcantara Map
ITA030036 Italy Riserva naturale del Fiume Alcantara Map
ITA030037 Italy Fiumara di Floresta Map
ITA030038 Italy Serra del Re, Monte Soro e Biviere di Cesarò Map
ITA030039 Italy Monte Pelato Map
ITA030042 Italy Monti Peloritani, Dorsale Curcuraci, Antennamare e area marina dello stretto di Messina Map
ITA030043 Italy Monti Nebrodi Map
ITA030044 Italy Arcipelago delle Eolie - area marina e terrestre Map
ITA040004 Italy Foce del Fiume Verdura Map
ITA040005 Italy Monte Cammarata - Contrada Salaci Map
ITA040006 Italy Complesso Monte Telegrafo e Rocca Ficuzza Map
ITA040007 Italy Pizzo della Rondine, Bosco di S. Stefano Quisquina Map
ITA040010 Italy Litorale di Palma di Montechiaro Map
ITA040011 Italy La Montagnola e Acqua Fitusa Map
ITA050009 Italy Rupe di Marianopoli Map
ITA050012 Italy Torre Manfria, Biviere e Piana di Gela Map
ITA060002 Italy Lago di Pergusa Map
ITA060004 Italy Monte Altesina Map
ITA060005 Italy Lago di Ancipa Map
ITA060006 Italy Monte Sambughetti, Monte Campanito Map
ITA060008 Italy Contrada Giammaiano Map
ITA060010 Italy Vallone Rossomanno Map
ITA060011 Italy Contrada Caprara Map
ITA060012 Italy Boschi di Piazza Armerina Map
ITA060013 Italy Serre di Monte Cannarella Map
ITA070004 Italy Timpa di Acireale Map
ITA070005 Italy Bosco di Santo Pietro Map
ITA070007 Italy Bosco del Flascio Map
ITA070012 Italy Pineta di Adrano e Biancavilla Map
ITA070014 Italy Monte Baracca, Contrada Giarrita Map
ITA070015 Italy Canalone del Tripodo Map
ITA070016 Italy Valle del Bove Map
ITA070017 Italy Sciare di Roccazzo della Bandiera Map
ITA070018 Italy Piano dei Grilli Map
ITA070019 Italy Lago Gurrida e Sciare di S. Venera Map
ITA070020 Italy Bosco di Milo Map
ITA070023 Italy Monte Minardo Map
ITA070024 Italy Monte Arso Map
ITA070027 Italy Contrada Sorbera e Contrada Gibiotti Map
ITA080002 Italy Alto corso del Fiume Irmino Map
ITA080003 Italy Vallata del Fiume Ippari (Pineta di Vittoria) Map
ITA080006 Italy Cava Randello, Passo Marinaro Map
ITA080009 Italy Cava d'Ispica Map
ITA080011 Italy Conca del Salto Map
ITA080012 Italy Torrente Prainito Map
ITA090007 Italy Cava Grande del Cassibile, Cava Cinque Porte, Cava e Bosco di Bauli Map
ITA090009 Italy Valle del Fiume Anapo, Cavagrande del Calcinara, Cugni di Sortino Map
ITA090011 Italy Grotta Monello Map
ITA090015 Italy Torrente Sapillone Map
ITA090016 Italy Alto corso del Fiume Asinaro, Cava Piraro e Cava Carosello Map
ITA090017 Italy Cava Palombieri Map
ITA090018 Italy Fiume Tellesimo Map
ITA090019 Italy Cava Cardinale Map
ITA090020 Italy Monti Climiti Map
ITA090021 Italy Cava Contessa - Cugno Lupo Map
ITA090022 Italy Bosco Pisano Map
ITA090023 Italy Monte Lauro Map
ITA090024 Italy Cozzo Ogliastri Map
ITB010001 Italy Isola Asinara Map
ITB010007 Italy Capo Testa Map
ITB010008 Italy Arcipelago La Maddalena Map
ITB010009 Italy Capo Figari e Isola Figarolo Map
ITB010010 Italy Isole Tavolara, Molara e Molarotto Map
ITB010011 Italy Stagno di San Teodoro Map
ITB010042 Italy Capo Caccia (con le Isole Foradada e Piana) e Punta del Giglio Map
ITB010082 Italy Isola dell'Asinara Map
ITB011102 Italy Catena del Marghine e del Goceano Map
ITB011109 Italy Monte Limbara Map
ITB011113 Italy Campo di Ozieri e Pianure Comprese tra Tula e Oschiri Map
ITB012211 Italy Isola Rossa - Costa Paradiso Map
ITB013019 Italy Isole del Nord - Est tra Capo Ceraso e Stagno di San Teodoro Map
ITB013044 Italy Capo Caccia Map
ITB013048 Italy Piana di Ozieri, Mores, Ardara, Tula e Oschiri Map
ITB020014 Italy Golfo di Orosei Map
ITB020015 Italy Area del Monte Ferru di Tertenia Map
ITB020040 Italy Valle del Temo Map
ITB020041 Italy Entroterra e zona costiera tra Bosa, Capo Marargiu e Porto Tangone Map
ITB021101 Italy Altopiano di Campeda Map
ITB021103 Italy Monti del Gennargentu Map
ITB021107 Italy Monte Albo Map
ITB021156 Italy Monte Gonare Map
ITB022212 Italy Supramonte di Oliena, Orgosolo e Urzulei - Su Sercone Map
ITB022215 Italy Riu Sicaderba Map
ITB022217 Italy Su de Maccioni - Texile di Aritzo Map
ITB023037 Italy Costa e Entroterra di Bosa, Suni e Montresta Map
ITB023049 Italy Monte Ortobene Map
ITB023051 Italy Altopiano di Abbasanta Map
ITB030032 Italy Stagno di Corru S'Ittiri Map
ITB031104 Italy Media Valle del Tirso e Altopiano di Abbasanta - Rio Siddu Map
ITB032201 Italy Riu Sos Mulinos - Sos Lavros - M. Urtigu Map
ITB032228 Italy Is Arenas Map
ITB032240 Italy Castello di Medusa Map
ITB033036 Italy Costa di Cuglieri Map
ITB040024 Italy Isola Rossa e Capo Teulada Map
ITB040027 Italy Isola di San Pietro Map
ITB040029 Italy Costa di Nebida Map
ITB040030 Italy Capo Pecora Map
ITB040031 Italy Monte Arcuentu e Rio Piscinas Map
ITB040071 Italy Da Piscinas a Riu Scivu Map
ITB041105 Italy Foresta di Monte Arcosu Map
ITB041106 Italy Monte dei Sette Fratelli e Sarrabus Map
ITB041111 Italy Monte Linas - Marganai Map
ITB041112 Italy Giara di Gesturi Map
ITB042207 Italy Canale su Longuvresu Map
ITB042241 Italy Riu S. Barzolu Map
ITB042250 Italy Da Is Arenas a Tonnara (Marina di Gonnesa) Map
ITB042251 Italy Corongiu de Mari Map
ITB043025 Italy Stagni di Colostrai Map
ITB043035 Italy Costa e Entroterra tra Punta Cannoni e Punta delle Oche - Isola di San Pietro Map
ITB043054 Italy Campidano Centrale Map
ITB043055 Italy Monte dei Sette Fratelli Map
ITB043056 Italy Giara di Siddi Map
ITB044009 Italy Foresta di Monte Arcosu Map
MT0000003 Malta Il-Ballut tal-Wardija Map
MT0000018 Malta L-Inħawi tal-Buskett u tal-Girgenti Map
MT0000021 Malta L-Inħawi tal-Imġiebaħ u tal-Miġnuna Map
MT0000024 Malta Rdumijiet ta' Malta: Ir-Ramla taċ-Ċirkewwa sal-Ponta ta' Bengħisa Map
PTCON0002 Portugal Montesinho / Nogueira Map
PTCON0004 Portugal Malcata Map
PTCON0007 Portugal S. Mamede Map
PTCON0008 Portugal Sintra / Cascais Map
PTCON0010 Portugal Arrábida / Espichel Map
PTCON0014 Portugal Serra da Estrela Map
PTCON0015 Portugal Serras d'Aire e Candeeiros Map
PTCON0021 Portugal Rios Sabor e Maçãs Map
PTCON0022 Portugal Douro Internacional Map
PTCON0023 Portugal Morais Map
PTCON0029 Portugal Cabeção Map
PTCON0030 Portugal Caia Map
PTCON0031 Portugal Monfurado Map
PTCON0032 Portugal Rio Guadiana / Juromenha Map
PTCON0033 Portugal Cabrela Map
PTCON0036 Portugal Guadiana Map
PTCON0037 Portugal Monchique Map
PTCON0038 Portugal Ribeira de Quarteira Map
PTCON0042 Portugal Minas de St. Adrião Map
PTCON0043 Portugal Romeu Map
PTCON0045 Portugal Sicó / Alvaiázere Map
PTCON0048 Portugal Serra de Montejunto Map
PTCON0049 Portugal Barrocal Map
PTCON0050 Portugal Cerro da Cabeça Map
PTCON0051 Portugal Complexo do Açor Map
PTCON0053 Portugal Moura / Barrancos Map
PTCON0060 Portugal Serra da Lousã Map
PTZPE0003 Portugal Montesinho / Nogueira Map
PTZPE0007 Portugal Serra da Malcata Map
PTZPE0037 Portugal Rios Sabor e Maçãs Map
PTZPE0038 Portugal Douro Internacional e Vale do Águeda Map
PTZPE0043 Portugal Campo Maior Map
PTZPE0045 Portugal Mourão/Moura/Barrancos Map
PTZPE0047 Portugal Vale do Guadiana Map
SI3000198 Slovenia Lijak Map
SI3000212 Slovenia Slovenska Istra Map
SI3000255 Slovenia Trnovski gozd - Nanos Map
SI3000276 Slovenia Kras Map

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